August 2019

Convicted paedophile sentenced

A convicted paedophile who went online to groom an 11 year old girl for sexual activity has been jailed

Sean Killian, 48 of Walsall appeared at court where he admitted: 

  • Attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child

  • Two counts of breaching a previous sexual harm prevention order

The court was told that Killian, who was previously jailed for two years in 2017 after he was caught by paedophile hunting team ‘Dark Justice’, went back online to groom another girl.

Killian contacted a profile that he believed belonged to an 11 year old girl. He sent a string of highly sexually explicit messages with the clear of intent of engaging the child into sexual activity

However, the child did not exist and was instead an adult member of paedophile hunting team ‘Scorpion Hunters UK’ who pose online as children to catch sexual predators who target kids

The team handed their evidence to police who in turn arrested Killian. 

The judge handed him 27 weeks imprisonment

Killian who still had seven years left on his existing sexual harm prevention order and sex offenders registration was told that they would both be extended by a further ten years

July 2017

Pervert travelled nearly 200 miles thinking he’d share hotel room with girl, 13

A pervert who travelled almost 200 miles to share a hotel room with a 13-year-old girl has been snared by paedophile hunters.

Sean Killian thought he had been chatting to an underage girl on Whatsapp but had actually been duped by Dark Justice, an anonymous group that trawls the internet to expose men looking for underage sex. 

When the middle-aged father turned up in Gateshead to meet a schoolgirl for sex, members of Dark Justice were waiting, with the police in tow.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Killian had befriended the fake profile just months after he was spared jail in Wolverhampton last April for having sex chat with someone he thought was another child, but turned out to be an undercover police officer.

The 46-year-old was being supervised in the community but the court heard he was ‘saying the right things but doing the exact opposite’. 

During online conversations with the fake 13-year-old, Killian said he wanted to ‘treat her like a Princess’. 

The court heard that the conversations were highly sexual and he had asked for photographs of her in a school uniform and sent her 12 pictures and videos of his penis.

He also sent photos of underwear he said he would like to see her wearing.  

In December last year, Killian booked a hotel in Gateshead for himself and the child to stay in, then travelled almost 200 miles to meet her. 

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw told the court: ‘He travelled 192 miles from Walsall to Gateshead to meet the girl. 

‘On his arrival, the police had been made aware of this and the defendant was arrested.’ 

Killian, of Walsall, admitted breach of a sexual harm prevention order, attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity, attempting to cause a child to watch a sexual act and attempting to meet a child.

Judge Amanda Rippon sentenced him to two years behind bars and said he must sign the sex offender register for ten years. 

She said: ‘You travelled to meet her. You booked a hotel room in Gateshead, which was 192 miles from where you lived.

‘You travelled that distance in order to meet a girl. You had booked a room with a double bed and communicated that to her. 

‘You told her you would bring underwear for her to wear.  When you arrived at the hotel the police were waiting for you and you were arrested. 

‘I am entirely satisfied your intention was to meet a child and have sexual activity with that child. 

‘You believed you were chatting to a child, you did not know you were not.’