September 2017

Paedophile who bought life-size child sex doll on internet spared jail

A paedophile who ordered a life-size child doll to have sex with has been spared jail.

Brian Hopkins 40, from Devon, ordered the 3ft 9ins doll from Hong Kong but border force officials seized the doll when it arrived at Stansted Airport in October last year.

The National Crime Agency was tipped off and raided Hopkins’ home in Mannamead, Plymouth, discovering he had hundreds of indecent images of children on his mobile phone.

More than 240 of the pictures were category A – the most serious type of indecent pictures.

In interview, Hopkins admitted that he found it exciting to possess the images and said he bought the doll to have sex with but claimed he did not know that importing it was illegal. 

He later admitted importing an indecent or obscene article, four counts of possessing indecent images of children and three counts of possessing extreme pornography. 

Hopkins was sentenced to 10 months in prison, suspended for two years, at Plymouth Crown Court and given a 10-year sexual harm prevention order.

The judge also ordered Hopkins to register as a sex offender for 10 years. 

August 2017

Pervert, 40, faces jail after shipping in a life-like child sex doll from China

A pervert is facing jail for importing a life-like child sex doll into Britain.

Brian Hopkins, 40, Seymour Road, Mannamead admitted a total of eight charges including making or possessing indecent child images when he appeared before magistrates.

Court papers noted how Hopkins, aged 40, was accused of one count of making two indecent moving images of a child at Category A, a further count of making 145 Category B still indecent images of a child, a third count of making 196 Category C indecent still images of a child and another count of making indecent 245 Category A still images of a child.

Category A images are considered to be the ‘most severe’ images.

Hopkins also faced additional count of possessing an extreme pornographic images portraying a person performing intercourse with an Alsatian dog, another similar count of an image involving a large dog, a further count of possessing an extreme pornographic image which portrayed an act which would be likely to result in serious injury to a person’s intimate anatomy.

All the counts related to November 15, 2016.

The final charge put to Hopkins was that he intended to evade a prohibition under Customs legislation regarding the importation of a “child sex doll, which was an indecent or obscene article”.

He will be sentenced by a judge at Plymouth Crown Court later this week.

It comes after it emerged that child sex dolls are being sold on Amazon and eBay to paedophiles.

The sick trade was revealed as an ex-school chief was convicted of having sex with one.

The National Crime Agency says 123 of the “anatomically detailed and correct” £800 silicone dolls have been seized in a year. Made in the Far East, they are available from private sellers on both sites.

The NSPCC called for online retailers to immediately remove “these grotesque dolls”.

David Turner, 72, was found guilty yesterday of importing a 3ft 10in doll.

The former school governor and ex-church warden said he bought it for “companionship” and even dressed it in kids’ clothes. But he later admitted to cops what he had really done with it.

He was arrested last November after customs intercepted another doll imported from China.

Judge Simon James said at Canterbury crown court that any “right thinking person’’ would view the dolls as obscene.

Turner, whose wife has died since his arrest, admitted importing the doll. He had already admitted having 34,000 images of children at home in Ramsgate, Kent, and will be sentenced next month.

A police source said: “When his wife was informed he admitted having sex with the dolls, she wasn’t very happy.’’

The NCA said: “We know these purchases can indicate offences against children, as was the case against Turner.”

Last night Amazon said: “All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines. Those who don’t will be subject to action.”

Watchdogs urged net users who accidentally see child sex abuse images to raise the alarm.