July 2017

‘Disgusting’ Southampton courier distributed indecent images of children

A “DISGUSTING” Southampton courier who poses a risk to children has been jailed.

Graham Williams admitted 14 charges including possessing indecent images of children and distributing them.

The 30-year-old was described as being “in denial” of his sexual interest in children, despite having more than 100 images on all of his electronic devices.

He was jailed for four years and one month at Southampton Crown Court.

Prosecuting, Siobhan Linsley said Williams’ manager found the indecent images on his phone after the driver had been due to deliver a parcel to a 17-year-old female customer.

However after struggling to get the package to his customer, Williams, pictured, ended up sending numerous text and Whats App messages to her.

The girl contacted father-of-one Williams’ boss who was informed and arranged a meeting with him and asked to see his phone.

Miss Linsley said: “The manager asked to see Williams’ personal phone that the message had allegedly been on. But when he went on the phone he saw photographs of females, which were of an indecent nature.”

Williams was arrested but while on bail continued to offend.

The court heard that Williams had also contacted children under an alias.

Ms Linsley said: “His profile picture was of a teenage girl and he used an alias when using the sites. When asked who he is, he said a 14-year-old.

“He would ask the girls how old they were and regardless of whether they were under-16, he would ask if they were virgins.”

The court heard that Williams’ personal devices, all which were seized by police, contained 163 images – 73 category A.

Mitigating, Timothy Akers said the offences were “frankly disgusting” but the “number of images wasn’t especially high”.

Mr Akers added that since his offending, which began in 2015, his partner had left him and taken his two-month-old child with her.

In sentencing, Judge Gary Burrell QC said the defendant’s pleas that he was not attracted to children were “preposterous”. He said: “Clearly he has an interest in children sexually and in the probation report it states he struggles to accept what he has done. He is in denial.

“It’s hardly surprising no one is here for him. He’s committed these offences. He has to take what comes from it and often it’s isolation.

“In my judgement you are interested in children. What else can it mean but having one. You’re a risk to any community especially one if there are children around.”

Williams, of Millbrook Road West, was also ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life and will be subject to a sexual harm prevention order for life.