June 2020

Paedophile claimed vile images had been posted in WhatsApp chat

A convicted paedophile found with indecent images of children and a chicken rape video on his phone claimed they had been posted in a WhatsApp chat.

Davey Woodruff, 26, did not deny being in possession of the 39 indecent images or six bestiality videos, Swindon Magistrates’ Court heard.

But he claimed the illegal material was only found on his Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone because they had been posted in a WhatsApp messenger group of which he was part and automatically saved to his phone.

Magistrates were told Woodruff was spared prison by a Winchester judge in 2017 after he admitted having a vile stash of more than 300 child sex abuse images and videos – including 15 in the most serious category.

He was given a suspended jail sentence of eight months and handed a 10-year sexual harm prevention order preventing him from owning internet-enabled devices without the knowledge of police.

Prosecutor Graham Dono said police officers made a surprise visit to Woodruff’s Devizes flat on March 12 this year.

“The defendant appeared shocked and panicked and asked if he could go for a wee before closing the door on officers. A few minutes later the defendant reappeared and allowed the officers entry to his home,” Mr Dono said.

He told the police officers he had sold all the electronic devices in his flat capable of accessing the internet, including a Samsung mobile phone and an Xbox games console.

But he went on to admit he had been given a PlayStation 4 for Christmas but claimed he did not use it to access the internet.

The police officer noticed Woodruff had a BT wifi router and, by tethering to the wireless internet using her laptop, was able to find out that the man’s Samsung Galaxy mobile was also using the WiFi – despite him having told police he’d sold it.

Asked why his mobile was using the wifi, he told the constable: “It shouldn’t be.”

Despite the denial, he went to his bedroom and retrieved the phone from beneath his pillow.

A search of the phone by cyber detectives uncovered five indecent images of children in category B and 34 in category C. They included a picture of a 12-year-old girl being molested by an older man.

Six bestiality videos were found, including footage of a chicken being raped.

When police returned to see Woodruff on June 26 he handed over an iPhone 5. He had not notified officers within three days of buying the device, as required under the terms of his sexual harm prevention order.

Appearing before Swindon Magistrates’ Court via video link from Melksham police station on Saturday morning, Woodruff, of Moyne Close, Devizes, pleaded guilty to three counts of breaching his sexual harm prevention order, two charges of making indecent images and possession of extreme pornography.

The magistrates remanded him in custody for sentence at Salisbury Crown Court on July 31.

August 2017

Paedophile caught with ‘sickening’ child abuse videos spared jail

A Salisbury paedophile who downloaded videos of “sickening” child abuse was told he was “in denial of his sexual interest in children.”

Davey Woodruff, aged 24 and of Forest Drive, Tidworth, downloaded 11 images and four videos depicting the most serious, “category A” child abuse.

He was also caught with 22 category B images and 267 in category C, at the lower end of the scale.

Sentencing him to a total of eight months in prison, suspend for two years, Judge Susan Evan said: “These are serious offences.

“These are real children suffering real and horrifying ordeals. They will have been physically and psychologically harmed by what’s happened to them. It’s life-changing abuse.”

Judge Evans took into account Woodruff’s early guilty plea and mental health difficulties when sentencing him.

She said: “For the protection of the public you need to undergo treatment and the only way that’s going to happen is by me suspending the sentence I’m going to impose.”

Woodruff must complete 35 rehabilitation days and a sex offender treatment programme.

Judge Evans said: “If you breach [the conditions] in any way you will find yourself coming back to this court, that eight months will be activated, and you will be going to prison.”

He will be subject to a ten-year sexual harm prevention order and his laptop and phone were confiscated.