August 2017

Pervert sentenced at Bolton Crown Court for pulling down leggings of child as she slept

A man climbed into bed with a six-year-old girl and pulled down her leggings while she slept.

Thomas Greeney stood trial last month for the sexual assault against the child and a jury found him guilty by a unanimous verdict.

Greeney, aged 25 of Avenue Street, Halliwell, denied ever entering the bedroom or committing the offence.

He was sentenced at Bolton Crown Court on Friday.

The court heard how on September 24 last year, Greeney attended a party in the Bolton area and consumed wine and also took a quantity of cocaine.

He was sleeping downstairs at the property and at one point during the night went upstairs to the child’s bedroom, where she was asleep.

He climbed into the child’s bed with her and pulled her leggings down.

Judge Timothy Stead said: “She was disturbed by this, she pulled them back up and you repeated this action.”

The following morning the child told her parents about the incident and it was subsequently reported to the police. Adam Lodge, defending Greeney, said that his client’s motivation when he carried out the offence is open to debate.

He said: “The defendant does not accept that the incident took place. He has indicated a willingness to work with the probation service. The circumstances are so unusual that your honour may question the defendant’s particular motivation on the night in question.”

However, judge Stead, disagreed. He said: “I think your motivation was sexual. You did repeat it.”

Judge Stead sentenced Greeney to 12 months in prison. He was placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

He initially considered suspending it, however, he found that he could not do so given Greeney’s continued denial over the incident.

Judge Stead said: “It is the case that you continue to deny that you are in the wrong. You deny that you went in to to that child’s bedroom at all. I certify that you did go in that room. You committed a sexual offence against a sleeping six-year-old child.”

Greeney was placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

He was also given an indefinite sexual harm prevention order which means he cannot contact the victim.