August 2017

Former Kent police officer was a pervert who used girl ‘to fulfil his sick fantasies’

A ‘pure evil’ former police officer has been jailed for 19 years for child abuse after a judge told him he had “mercilessly” sexually assaulted a young girl “to fulfil his sick fantasies”.

Colin Wraight, 66, of St Margaret’s Street, Canterbury was convicted of abusing a female victim, who cannot be named due to reporting restrictions.

The girl collapsed after giving evidence at Canterbury Crown Court during the five-day trial.

Wraight, a former soldier who later joined Kent Police and served with Kent Police in Whitstable, Ashford and Ramsgate –  denied all the child sex charges against him.

The Canterbury man was found guilty of a nine child abuse offences and three charges relating to making or possessing indecent images of children.

Judge Rupert Lowe gave the defendent an additional two years on licence upon release, on top of his 19-year prison term.

The court heard that Wraight’s abuse against the girl was carried out over a number of years, only coming to light after his victim decided to report him to police in May.

The girl said Wright would threaten to hit her or handcuff her to the bed if she attempted to refuse him.

The jury had heard how the victim drew pictures to reveal to her mother that she had been sexually abused.

She sketched part of a hand and a pair of handcuffs, later telling police that Wraight had threatened to cuff her to a bed and made a “sick video” of the abuse

Wraight was arrested by Kent Police in May at a caravan park in Swalecliffe, where he formerly lived, and where he carried out most of his crimes.

Police found Wraight also possessed sets of handcuffs, a police truncheon, a vibrator, other sex toys and illegal child images on his computer at the address.

The defendant told the jury that the sex toys were bought because he was into bondage with a lover, but struggled with erectile dysfunction.

A statement read out before sentencing by the victim’s mother, said that their lives will never be the same again, adding that she tries to stay calm about the events – but “inside my head I am screaming”.

“There can be no excuse for Wraight’s actions,” investigating officer detective constable Zara Meacham told Kent News. “He was able to manipulate, abuse and bully for his own repugnant notions and showed no consideration for the detrimental effect it could have on others.

“Thankfully the victim was determined to report it and that determination won through. She showed real courage in speaking up and her support in this investigation shone through during the trial.”

Judge Lowe told Wraight he had a sinister side to his character that he had hidden for years.