August 2017

Paedophile jailed for sex attacks on six children

A paedophile sex offender who attacked six children might have more victims, police have said.

Martin Davies, 69, has been jailed for eight years and six months after he admitted groping six girls, who were aged between five and 12 when he attacked them.

Davies, from Moor Park, had pleaded guilty to 12 charges of indecent assault, including seven offences against one girl.

The married man would sit girls on his lap and touch their private parts or bare bottoms, Bristol Crown Court was told.

Police have now said they believe that the Clevedon man, who committed the assaults in the mid-1980s, could have more victims.

It was not until after a discussion on social media in 2015 that three victims reported the abuse to the police. Two more then came forward as news spread that Davies had been charged.

Martin Davies actively put himself in situations where he would come into contact with children.

He would manipulate these situations to isolate children he wanted to abuse and then committed offences on them. 

His crimes came to light at the end of 2015 and an investigation began.

Davies denied the offences right up until the first day of his trial when the overwhelming evidence against him became clear and he entered guilty pleas.

All his victims, bar one, read impact statements to the judge, detailing the devastating consequences of abuse they felt compelled to bottle up for so long.

Jailing him, Judge Martin Picton told him: “What for you was a short-lived indulgence was for them a life sentence.

“You chose to steal their childhoods. I strongly suspect you remember full well what you did.”