August 2017

Brentwood drama teacher banned for having sex with a female 

A Brentwood drama teacher “abused her position of trust” after she admitted to taking a female pupil to the West End to see Matilda and having sex with her in a hotel.

Sarah Barton, 37, admitted to having sex with the schoolgirl, only known as Pupil A, in a hotel room after arranging a trip to the theatre in London to watch the Roald Dahl play.

The teacher, who worked at the school in Brentwood from September 2007 to July 2016 as a drama teacher and later head of department for drama and dance, also had sex with the convent pupil in fields and in her car and contacted her via WhatsApp so their messages could not be traced, the hearing heard.

She admitted to 12 allegations of misconduct at a teacher disciplinary panel in July where she was told that she would no longer teach again.

Barton abused the trust of those expecting her to put a pupil’s welfare first for “her own sexual gratification”.

Barton admitted that she had failed to maintain boundaries and abused her position of trust. She contacted Pupil A by telephone and met with her in her school office and kissed the pupil.

Barton also admitted to taking the pupil to the musical in London during half term and having sex with her in a hotel room that she had booked.

She also told the panel that she had attended the pupil’s parents house and their birthday party.

Essex Police were made aware of concerns regarding Barton’s inappropriate relationship with a pupil by staff at the school in June 2016.