August 2017

Derby rapist and child abductor who hid past from partner is jailed – but she’s standing by him

A 50-year-old Derby sex offender who once raped a pensioner and abducted a child and sexually assaulted her is back behind bars.

John Holliday’s past offending meant he was required by law to tell the police if he entered a sexual relationship with a woman.

Derby Crown Court heard how he met a new partner but twice in two days, on July 3 and 4, lied to officers in Derby that he had done so.

He also lied to the woman about his past offending, telling her he had been in jail for causing grievous bodily harm and not for sex offences.

But even now, knowing what Pervert Holliday has really done in the past, the court heard how she has decided to stick by him.

Jailing Holliday for 32 months, Judge Peter Cooke said: “In my view it would be a nonsense if I did not send you back to prison for these repeated breaches of this order.

“There was also an element of subterfuge designed to mislead your new partner about your past offending.”

Noel Philo, prosecuting, told the court how Holliday, of Bass Street, was jailed for 10 years in 1993 for raping a 77-year-old woman.

He said that, after being released from that sentence, Holliday abducted and sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl in Normanton in 2004.

That offence saw him take the youngster into a flat he was decorating in Upper Dale Road after she was injured playing in the street outside.

While inside the property he put her on his knee then pulled her trousers and underwear down and touched her sexually.

He was jailed at Derby Crown Court the following year for 10 years.

Mr Philo said: “Under the terms of his sexual harm prevention order he is obliged to tell the police if he is in a sexual or non-sexual relationship with a woman. He began a new relationship with a woman in June of this year and he admitted to her he was on licence.

“He told her it was for GBH and not for sexual offences.”

Mr Philo said police went to his address after they were alerted to this relationship by another person and they went to interview him.

Mr Philo said: “He deliberately lied to them on two consecutive days telling them that he was not in this relationship.”

Holliday, who was already on a licence recall to prison for breaching his sexual harm prevention order last year, pleaded guilty to two fresh breaches in relation to lying to the police about his relationship with the new woman.