August 2017

Pervert forced 13-year-old girl to have sex with him

A pervert forced himself on a 13-year-old girl and made her have unprotected sex with him after they watched an Austin Powers film together.

The horrific ordeal took place inside a flat in Derbyshire and lasted around six minutes.

Jonathan Jowle, formerly of Central Avenue, Boythorpe, Chesterfield who was already serving 11 years in prison, has had 28 months added to his sentence for the vile attack on the girl half his age.

He found himself alone in the flat with the young victim when she told him she was feeling tired

Jowle, 27, said she could sleep in his bed but shortly after went into the room and said to her: “I think you should take your trousers off.”

Derby Crown Court was told the girl replied “I don’t think so” but Jowle persisted and pulled her trousers and underwear down.

He then forced her to have sex which was said to last “around six minutes”, the court heard.

The offence happened in August last year and the following month Jowle was jailed at the same court to 11 years for grievous bodily harm and assault.

Judge Peter Cooke said: “You took advantage of the situation that arose and this is a situation where you are already serving a long sentence for an unrelated matter and I have to bear in mind totality (of sentence).

“An aggravating feature is the disparity in age between you and that this was unprotected sex with a 13-year-old girl.”

He added the additional 28 months to run after the jail term Jowle is currently serving at HMP Nottingham.

James Thomas, prosecuting, said the offence took place when victim found herself alone in a flat in Derbyshire with Jowle in August last year.

He said: “The defendant put on an Austin Powers film which they began to watch and she told him she was feeling tired.

“He said to her she could sleep in his bed which she did and a short time later he came into the room and lay next to her.

“He said to her ‘I think you should take your trousers off’ to which the complainant replied ‘I don’t think so’.

“He then took her trousers and pants off and he had sex with her which she later said lasted around six minutes.”

Mr Thomas said the girl broke down and told her family what had taken place days later and the police became involved.

He said Jowle’s fingerprints were found on the DVD case of the Austin Powers film and his DNA was also found on the victim’s clothing.

Jowle, formerly of Central Avenue, Boythorpe, Chesterfield, and who appeared via video link from prison, pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity with a child.

The hearing was told how he has 19 convictions for 28 offences but none that related to sex.