August 2017

Man avoids jail for possessing indecent images and extreme pornography

A MAN who was found in possession of ‘nauseating’ indecent images of children has avoided an immediate jail term.

Stephen Purcell, 26, of Cresswell Walk, Cwmbran, who previously pleaded guilty to charges of possessing three category A indecent images, possessing one category B indecent image and possession of one extreme pornography image and three extreme videos was given a jail term of eight months, suspended for two years at Cardiff Crown Court on Friday.

Jeffrey Jones, prosecuting, said police executed a warrant to search the home of Purcell in November after a referral from the National Crime Agency.

Officers seized a HP laptop, Samsung laptop and Samsung mobile phone belonging to Purcell from the home, the court heard.

After police examined the laptop, three indecent images were found which were deemed category A, the most serious level.

The images were in a folder titled ‘my sex pics’.

One image and three videos of ‘extreme pornography’ were found.

Search terms recovered from the laptop included searches which appeared to be geared towards finding selfies by young teens.

A receipt showed the laptop had been bought on October 31 and the images saved on to it later that night.

In a police interview, Purcell made admissions and said he had been sent the content from an unknown male via Skype.

Judge Stephen Hopkins, sentencing, said “any normal person” would have found looking at the images “nauseating and distressing”.

Imposing the suspended sentence, Judge Hopkins said Purcell would have to complete a two-year programme for lower risk sex offenders. A sexual harm prevention order was made, and Purcell was ordered to register as a sex offender for five years.