August 2017

Pervert sentenced for grooming young girl online

A convicted child rapist that believed he was grooming a 13-year-old girl for sex has been jailed after he was exposed by online child protection team ‘Total Exposure’ who have recently merged with ‘Silent Justice’

Desmond Graham Newton, 42 of Leeds appeared at Leeds Crown Court  for sentencing after he had previously admitted attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming

The court was told that Newton sent a string of sexually explicit messages to the decoy.

Newton told the decoy that he was ‘into’ role playing and asked her to pretend she was 9-years-old. He told her that he wanted her to call him daddy, and if she could imagine his penis pressing against her.

Later chat logs revealed Newton had continued with sexual remarks asking the child what underwear she was wearing, whilst he masturbated himself.

He told the girl that if she was his daughter, then he wouldn’t be able to help himself if she bent over getting undressed and that she would have to watch daddy wank every day

The pervert arranged to meet the decoy by McDonald’s near Leeds football stadium where he said they could have sex in the quarry behind it.

He said,  it’s quiet there and no one would hear her scream when he took her virginity

When he turned up, he was greeted by the team.

He admitted that his fantasy was prepubescent girls and that he likes them to call him daddy

The police were called and Newton was arrested.

The team handed over their evidence and a full investigation was carried out.

When the police searched his house they found children’s clothes stored under his bed

The judge told Newton that he was a very dangerous sexual predator as he sentenced him to a four  year custodial sentence.

He was handed a lifetime sexual offences prevention order and was told that he must register as a sex offender for life

The court was told that Newton had a previous conviction for the rape of child