August 2017

Sick Derby pervert downloaded images of babies being raped

A pervert from Derby who searched for and downloaded horrendous child abuse images including babies being raped has been jailed for two years.

Christopher Witnall was told by a judge that what he viewed and got sexual gratification from were “disgusting images that showed perversion beyond the norm”.

Derby Crown Court heard how the 33-year-old, of Leaper Street, had only just completed a three-year community order for downloading child abuse images when he began offending in the same way again.

Photographs found on his devices when police raided his home and took them included adults engaged in sex with crying babies and extreme pornographic images showing adults engaging in sex acts with animals.

Handing Witnall, who is deaf, his prison term, Judge Robert Egbuna said: “I have never come across such disgusting material, it shows perversion beyond the norm if that term could ever be used?

“The material was disgusting and you knew that.

“What you did was to view and retain images of babies being raped. One image showed a baby crying and you got sexual gratification from that.

“Your disability is no excuse for obtaining that kind of material, you are a human being and when you were given your chance before (the community order) you did not take it.

“Once the community order finished you went straight back to downloading and viewing material like this.”

Joey Kwong, prosecuting, said Witnall’s offending began immediately after he had finished a three-year community order for similar offences he was convicted of in 2013.

He said police executed a warrant at his home on December 13 last year.

Mr Kwong said: “In his bedroom they found three devices which, when they were analysed, showed 2,497 category A images (the worst material), 351 category B and 79 category C images.

“Also found were 156 prohibited items which would typically show child sex cartoons and 270 extreme pornographic images.”

Mr Kwong then outlined examples of what the images showed, which are too extreme to be published, but included both boys and girls aged from babies up to the age of 10.

He said: “The defendant made full admissions in interview with the police saying without the help from the probation service at the end of his three-year community order in March 2016 he went back to offending in this way.”

Witnall pleaded guilty to five counts of either making images of a child, possessing prohibited child images and possessing extreme pornography between March and December 2016.