February 1999

Death threat earns woman’s attacker six years in prison

A judge listened to a woman’s screams in a mobile phone distress call before jailing the man who threatened to kill her for six years yesterday.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that Robert Green, 43, had been released early from a seven-year sentence for tying up a woman and threatening her with a knife during a robbery just days before he struck again.

He has also served previous prison sentences for assault with intent to ravish and robbery, the court heard.

His latest six-year prison term was imposed for committing a breach of the peace on November 7 last year which left his victim, a stranger, in a state of terror.

The woman, 23, was sitting in her car, listening to the radio at 9.30pm in Dunnikier Road, Kirkcaldy, as she waited for her sister to finish work at a hospital.

She heard a knock on the passenger window and turned to see Green looking into the car, before lowering the window.

He asked her the time and stumbled forward grabbing the top edge of the glass and opening the door. Green ignored the woman’s pleas to close the door.

Advocate depute Simon Di Rollo said: ”She was concerned up until this point, but when she became unable to shut the door she became quite upset.”

Green began to enter the car and Miss Cormie tried to push him out, but he proved too heavy for her. He sat in the passenger seat and put his arm around her, before telling her: ”I have got a blade. I will kill you.”

Mr Di Rollo said: ”She was obviously terrified as a result of that. She was crying and screaming and hit the horn.”

The woman used her mobile phone to make a 999 call and Green left the vehicle.

Tapes of her distress call were played to the judge, Lord Milligan. During an initial call the woman could be heard screaming, but after the operator called her back the victim managed to give details of events, despite sobbing.

Miss Cormie’s sister arrived on the scene and another car pulled up driven by Green’s sister, who put him in the back of the vehicle.

Green’s sister approached the victim and said the man was her brother and she had been looking for him because he was drunk.

Green’s sister went to Kirkcaldy police office the following day and gave a statement naming her brother, the court heard.

Green told police that he had drunk a bottle of vodka and taken cannabis and had no memory of the incident in the car. He was asked why he might have been at the car and said: ”To take her money, rape her, I don’t know.”

Green, of Kirkcaldy, admitted committing a breach of the peace by conducting himself in a disorderly manner, entering the car without the consent of Miss Cormie, threatening that he had a knife and would kill her and placing her in a state of fear and alarm for her safety.

Defence solicitor-advocate Gordon Martin said: ”He doesn’t know why he got into the car. he can’t give an explanation.”

The court heard that Green’s last seven-year sentence was not due to expire until 2001 and the Scottish Secretary has revoked his licence following the latest incident.