August 2017

Woolavington man jailed for sexually abusing primary schoolgirl

A young girl sexually abused for more than a year by a drunken paedophile who had contacted her on Facebook says she hopes he remains locked up forever.

A heart-rending statement from the girl, who was 10 when the attacks started, was read out at Taunton Crown Court as pervert Timothy Hoban, 36, of Lavers Close, Woolavington, was jailed for eight years.

The youngster, who cannot be named, said: “I know that my story will be read by lots of people and him too.

“I hate him. I’m scared of him and don’t want to see him again.

“It’s given me bad dreams. I wake up thinking he’s escaped.”

She added: “I couldn’t face him. If I could, I would ask him, ‘Why did you do this to me?’

“I think he needs help, but I think he’s dangerous and should be kept in prison forever.”

Hoban’s crimes came to light when his victim confided in a friend, who informed her mother, leading to a police investigation.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to two counts – one involving three attacks, the other a single incident, although prosecutor Julian Kesner said it is believed there were many more.

On one occasion Hoban followed the girl into a toilet and abused her after locking the door before she managed to escape.

Another time he pressed himself against a door as he abused her and another girl tried to get in.

During one incident, Hoban, who has four children of his own, said: “I love you baby” and put his finger up to his mouth to indicate what had happened was a secret.

Mr Kesner said when Hoban was interviewed by detectives following his arrest, he said: “I feel like a dead man walking.”

Rebecca Bradberry, defending, said Hoban had made full and frank admissions following his arrest and was full of remorse.

She added: “He knows what he did was wrong and is desperate to get help.

“He fully appreciates the terrible damage he’s caused. He’s deeply sorry. His life is ruined.”

Judge David Evans sentenced Hoban, who appeared via videolink from Exeter Prison, to a total of eight years in prison, with one year of the sentence on licence, while he will be subject to a sexual offenders notification order for life and a sexual harm prevention order until further notice.

The judge said: “You behaved abominably to this young girl.

“The psychological impact will be with her for the foreseeable future.”

The judge said the crimes were aggravated by the fact Hoban had been drinking when he committed them and the element of confinement in some instances.

The eight-year sentence will consist of seven years in prison and a one-year extended license period.

There was an outburst from the public gallery as the sentence was handed down.

As well as the prison term, Hoban was made the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and will be on the sex offender’s register for the rest of his life.