September 2017

Rapist who ‘left schoolgirl for dead’ jailed

A ‘callous’ young dad guilty of raping and attempting to kill a girl in Waltham Cross was sentenced to 26 years in prison today (August 29).

St Albans Crown Court heard how 21-year-old Djos Lombo, of Lordship Lane in Tottenham, showed no remorse for leaving a 16-year-old girl for dead in a remote area of bushy wasteland on Friday, November 18, last year.

Father of a two-year-old, Lombo, who had been talking to the girl for two months over WhatsApp, was led by the victim to an area near her house where she frequently went with her friends to spend time together.

In a horrific attack, Lombo forced his hand around her mouth and warned ‘scream and I’ll kill you’ before touching her genitalia and forcing her to give oral sex.

The schoolgirl lost consciousness as Lombo tried to choke her to death following the sex attack.

He then decided to try to silence her for good and when he thought she was dead he dragged her body into bushes before making off with her jumper and jacket in case they contained his DNA.

But the girl wasn’t dead and woke up to find she was wearing just her jeans and bra and covered in scratches and nettle stings from being dragged over the rough ground.

She staggered off the wasteland and then ran through the streets with just her bra covering her top as she made her way home where she told her mum what had happened.

Judge Marie Catterson said: “The girl was so frightened she begged him to do whatever he was going to do now.

“He then took his penis out and said ‘suck it or I will kill you’.”

She added: “He put his hands on her genitalia but this paled so much in comparison to what came later that she only remembered this as an afterthought.”

The victim and her mum, who raises her daughter by herself, have since been affected significantly and the victim suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

She has regular nightmares and migraines and she does not often leave the house.

Her attendance and motivation at college have dropped and her mother noted how she has become ’emotionally closed’ and does not open up.

She has refused counselling and the family have moved house to get away from the scene of the attack – to no financial benefit for the family.

Lombo has also been given a restraining order forbidding him to make contact of any kind with the victim, her mother or any member of their immediate household.

When summing up, the judge described Lombo as ‘callous’ and said he had displayed ‘self-serving cruelty’ during the attack.

She said the jury had wholly rejected Lombo’s account of what happened and that he had shown no empathy towards his victim.