September 2017

Vile paedophile forced children into sickening sex abuse ‘games’ to win a pound

An elderly paedophile may die in jail after forcing very young children to perform sickening sex abuse ‘games’ during decades of abuse.

John Joughin, 82, ruined the childhoods of two girls and a boy, but was today brought to justice as a frail and seriously unwell pensioner.

The court was told that he groomed and molested three young children including a four-year-old

The former lorry driver was jailed for 11 years and three months at Liverpool Crown Court after admitting nine counts of indecent assault and seven of indecency with a child, relating to offences committed over a 30 year period in the Litherland area.

Judge Robert Warnock, sentencing, told Joughin: “The damage that you have done is enormous. You have in effect stolen their childhoods, and that applies to each of the three victims in this case.”

Philip Clemmo, prosecuting, described how all the victims, who cannot be named, were forced to perform sex acts on the defendant, while the boy was repeatedly orally raped.

He told the court: “In what the court may feel a particularly sad part of the case, (the boy) said he went along with the oral sex because that’s what he had always done.”

Harrowing details emerged of Joughin forcing two of the victims to perform sex acts on him to “win a pound,” while being told the horrific abuse was “our little secret.”

Mr Clemmo said: “The defendant would make (one girl) watch pornography with him, which she didn’t like watching and which sometimes made her cry.

“One time she took Playdough to distract herself, but all he did was make models of intimate parts of the body and got her to name them.

“She said she was touched by the defendant so much she almost felt like she was his wife.”

Searing victim impact statements, read in court, described how the abuse left the children feeling “alone and worthless.”

The male victim said he did not feel he would be believed as Joughin was “a larger than life character and everyone appeared to love being around him. He appeared a loud, funny and generous man.”

One of the female victims said: “I felt like nobody loved me, I was just like a nobody in life. It made me feel dirty and disgusted and completely violated.”

The other victim said: “Every relationship I have ever been in has failed because I am unable to feel love for any man, even though I have tried.”

The court heard Joughin had been jailed for 18 months for indecent assault in the 1990s, after another victim came forward over abuse that happened more recently.

Judge Warnock said he was constrained by the laws surrounding sentencing at the time the offences were committed, which were far more lenient than today’s guidelines.

He said: “I have heard the victim personal statements; they were brave, they were courageous, and they were a clear exposition of the damage that you have done to them and the consequences it has had for them both through their childhoods and their adult lives.

“Their courage stands in very stark contrast to what you have done for your own sexual gratification.”

Joughin, now of Marshall Avenue in Bewsey, Warrington, was classed as an ‘offender of particular concern’ and handed an extra year on licence, and ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life.