September 2017

Former Ramsgate school governor jailed for child sex doll offences

A former school governor and church warden from Ramsgate has been jailed for importing and having sex with a doll which depicted a realistic-looking child.

David Turner, 72, had also admitted possessing or making more than 34,000 illegal child sex images and movies at an earlier hearing.

Turner, of Hollicondane Road, was a school governor of St Ethelbert’s Church Primary School in Ramsgate.

At Canterbury Crown Court today (September 8) he was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.

David Turner pleaded guilty to the following charges:

  • One charge of importing a child sex doll

  • Three charges of possession of indecent photos of a child

  • Three charges of making indecent photos of a child

  • One charge of possession of extreme pornographic images

He was sentenced to eight months imprisonment for the importation of the child sex doll and eight months for the remainder of the charges, in one of the first cases of its kind in the country.

Turner’s computer showed he had searched websites selling items including “flat chest love doll” and “mini silicone sex doll 65cms little breasts”.

The child sex doll is deemed to be an indecent or obscene article under the Customs Consolidation Act of 1876.

The importation of these items is becoming a growing problem and often indicates other offences, as in the case of Turner.

July 2017

Former school governor from Ramsgate admitted having sex with an imported child sized doll

A former school governor, who admitted having sex with a child sized doll, tried to challenge whether his acts were against the law.

David Turner, 72, from Ramsgate was made aware to the authorities when a suspicious package labelled ‘mannequin’ was intercepted at Stansted Airport in Essex.

The former church warden then asked a judge to decide whether this was indecent or obscene in the eyes of the law.

In a landmark ruling, Judge Simon James, sitting at Canterbury Crown Court, decided it was.

Turner had attempted to import the mannequin which was wrapped in a fishnet body-stocking from China and had already imported two others – which were kept in his study.

The charge relates to a 3ft 10 model that was already in his possession, he had even bought clothes for it.

Officers from the National Crime Agency arrested Turner in November last year. After being arrested Turner resigned as a school governor and from St Ethelbert’s and Gertrude Church in Margate where he was a warden.

Further investigation of his computers and hard drives revealed a staggering 138 Category A images of child abuse (the most serious), 299 Category B images and 33,619 Category C images. Children in the images were aged from approximately three to 16.

Turner, a former governor of St Ethelbert’s Church Primary School in Ramsgate, had also viewed websites which advertised “flat chest love doll” and “mini silicone sex doll 65cms little breasts”.

Officers also found 29 fictional stories – which described sexual abuse of children but fell outside the Obscene Publications Act – when they searched Turner’s home in Ramsgate, Kent.

During interview the pervert admitted he preferred looking at children aged four to ten and admitted taking secret photos of girls aged six to 11 in public places.

He will return to court on Friday, September 8 for sentencing.