January 2017

Belfast schoolgirl left ‘introverted and cautious’ after alleged Royal Avenue abduction bid

A 12-year-old girl suffered psychologically from an alleged bid to abduct her in Belfast city centre, the High Cout has heard.

Prosecutors claimed she has been left introverted and wary since a man attacked and chased after her.

Details emerged as bail was granted to a 27-year-old man accused of trying to snatch the schoolgirl on Royal Avenue in daylight.

George Kincaid, of Silversteam Avenue in Belfast, was banned from entering the city centre as part of his release conditions.

He faces a charge of attempted child abduction and further counts of disorderly behaviour, resisting police and common assault over drunken incidents in August last year.

It was claimed that he punched a security guard at the Castlecourt shopping centre after being seen staggering through traffic.

Later, according to Crown lawyer Conor Maguire, police spotted Kincaid grabbing and pursuing the girl before passers-by stopped him.

“The male approached her from behind, lifted her off the ground with his arms wrapped around her,” Mr Maguire told the court.

“She said he said something but it was incoherent, she managed to struggle free and ran towards Tesco but the male ran after her, grabbing her arm before members of the public intervened.”

The girl’s mother also witnessed the incident, telling police her daughter was shouting “let me go” as the man took hold of her.

Kincaid was arrested and allegedly replied after caution: “She’s my daughter, I was trying to stop her running into the road and getting run over. You would do the same thing yourself.”

Interviews in custody had to be delayed due to his level of intoxication.

He later explained that he had been drinking heavily at a party, could only assume he mistakenly thought he knew the girl and had then went after her to apologise, Mr Justice Burgess was told.

Opposing bail, Mr Maguire claimed: “This was a stranger attack on a young girl during the day in Belfast.”

He added: “The 12-year-old injured party has had a psychological impact as a result of what happened to her.

“Police say she is more cautious in public and more introverted.”

Defence counsel Dennis Boyd argued that it had been a drunken incident carried out on front of watching police.

“There’s no evidence to suggest it was sexually motivated or (caused) any serious harm,” he added.

Mr Justice Burgess responded by describing the girl’s experience as “nasty and scary”.

“I’m not surprised by what I’m told, I think it probably understated what the impact on this child would have been.”

However, he stressed that bail is normally granted unless any risk cannot be managed by conditions.

Ruling that Kincaid can be released from custody, the judge imposed an alcohol ban, curfew and electronic monitoring.

He also ordered: “To keep him well away from the general public, draw a map of the city centre and he’s to be excluded from that save for attending court or his solicitor’s offices.”

August 2016

George Kincaid (27) charged with attempted child abduction

A Belfast man has been remanded in custody accused of trying to abduct a 12-year-old girl in the city centre.

George Kincaid was refused bail on Tuesday amid claims he grabbed the child and then chased her when she struggled free.

The 27-year-old denies any intention to snatch the girl during the incident at Royal Avenue last Saturday afternoon.

His lawyer argued that it was a drunken case of mistaken identity.

Kincaid, of Silverstream Avenue, appeared before Belfast Magistrates’ Court charged with assaulting and attempting to abduct the child.

He faces further counts of disorderly behaviour, resisting police and assault on a security guard at the nearby Castlecourt shopping complex.

District Judge Fiona Bagnall denied bail and remanded Kincaid in custody to appear again by video-link on September 27.

June 2015

Creeper burglar is handed two-year jail term

A man who stole a van during a creeper burglary has been given a two-year jail sentence.

George Kincaid, from Silverstream Avenue in Belfast, was told he will spend a year in prison, with the remaining year spent on licence upon his release, after he admitted offences arising from the break-in.

Belfast Crown Court heard the 25-year-old father-of-one, has 55 previous convictions and has been subjected to paramilitary attacks.

Crown prosecutor Kate McKay said around 4.45am on June 21 last year, police received a report of a vehicle “racing around” Carrs Glen Park in the north of the city.

They remained in the area and around half an hour later, they observed Kincaid who ran off but was soon detected in a nearby rear garden. Kincaid was searched and on his person were two screwdrivers and keys.

Also found was a PlayStation 3 controller and lead.

Kincaid was noted to smell of alcohol and became aggressive to police. Due to the presence of the screwdrivers, he was initially arrested for going equipped for theft, to which he replied “mate, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Officers pressed the centre of the car keys found in the defendant’s pocket, which activated the lights of a Renault disability transport van. Police noted damage to the van, and when enquiries were made about the van’s owner, it emerged it had been stolen in a creeper burglary that morning with PS3 equipment.

Kincaid was arrested and made “no comment” in interviews. Ms McKay said at the time of his arrest, he had breached a sexual offences prevention order – which was imposed for a serious sexual offence committed against a 14-year old girl – as he had consumed alcohol.

Kincaid pleaded guilty to four offences – breaching the SOPO, burglary, aggravated vehicle taking and going equipped for theft.

The sentence was imposed by Judge Gordon Kerr QC.

October 2012

Teen Rapist Back in Jail after Breach

A NOTORIOUS teen sex offender is back in jail after being charged with breaching the terms of his early release licence.

George Kincaid, 22, was arrested by cops recently in “relation to further alleged offending”.

He appeared at Antrim Crown Court on Thursday and was remanded in custody until January 2013 charged with breaching the terms of a probation order.

Kincaid, who is from Antrim town, was freed from prison on license last year after serving half a six year sentence for rape.

He was convicted in September 2010 of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in the Crumlin area of Co Antrim in August 2008.