October 2016

Nikki Irvine sentenced for shaking baby

A woman who shook a seven-month-old baby to try to rouse him after he fell down the stairs has been given a community sentence.

The child suffered brain bleeding and was left permanently disabled.

Nikki Irvine pleaded guilty to “culpable and recklessly” shaking him at a property in Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire in 2013.

She was given a community payback order that will see her supervised for the next 18 months.

The court heard Irvine slipped on the stairs, dropping the boy and causing him to roll down the staircase and hit laminate flooring.

She then picked him up and shook him to try and rouse him, but left him with bleeding on the brain, which has affected his growth.

Advocate Paul Nelson said Irvine had been frantic after dropping the child.

He said: “She panicked and thought [he] may well be dead.

“What she did was to shake him – her intention was to rouse him to see if he was okay, her intention was not to deliberately attack him.”

He added: “Nikki Irvine will undergo a life sentence – imposed by herself and her actions, living every day with the realisation that she caused [the child] the injuries.”

Sheriff James Spy said: “I accept today you did not act deliberately and had no intent to harm [the child].

“What you did was culpable and reckless.”