September 2017

Woman threw knife at nine-year-old child

A jobless mother-of-four threw a knife at a nine-year-old child and forced his head into a quilt, telling him: ‘I will smother you in your sleep’.

Drug addict Michelle Meeson, 41, whose children are all already in care, hit the youngster near his eye with the knife after drinking vodka and swallowed amphetamines.

Police were called when she seen shouting, swearing and throwing chairs in her garden in Golborne, near Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Meeson was said to be ‘sweating’ and ‘unable to speak’ when officers arrived at the scene.

The child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, later told officers Meeson had ‘properly beaten’ him and given him two black eyes.

The victim had bruising around his neck, as a result of Meeson lifting him up and squeezing, as well as throwing knives and other objects at him.

At Bolton Crown Court, unemployed Meeson pleaded guilty to child neglect but escaped with 15 months imprisonment suspended for two years after insisting she was ‘genuinely remorseful’.

She claimed to have a ‘very limited’ recollection of the incident on July 28, 2016

Prosecuting Benjamin Lawrence said: ‘She accepts the complainant’s description of what happened, and the fact that at the time she had been taking prescribed medication and amphetamines which made it difficult for her to recollect events clearly.

‘She had been seen by neighbours in the garden appearing very intoxicated and shouting and swearing and throwing chairs.

‘At about 11.30pm the police attended to the property which was very untidy and there were a lot of insects flying about on the ceiling.

‘She was heavily intoxicated and was sweating and her bodily movements were out of her control.

‘She was struggling to speak. She had taken prescription drugs and amphetamines at the time.

‘The child had obvious bruising to his neck and red eyes. He had bruises on his face consistent with things being thrown at him and he had blisters on his feet from ill-fitting shoes.

‘In his interview he said that she “keeps properly beating me, properly hurting me, throwing things at me and gave me two black eyes”.

‘He said she threw a remote and a knife at him. It was not a kitchen knife, or one used for cutting – just a regular knife.

‘He also described her having pushed his face into a quilt, telling him “I am going to suffocate you in your sleep”.

Meeson had 37 previous offences on her record going back to 1995, including possession of amphetamine and intent to supply.

Passing sentence Judge Elliot Knopf told Meeson: ‘The fact that you found yourself in difficult circumstances gives no justification for your behaviour. I am able to accept that you do feel remorseful for what you did.

‘Due to the support from your partner and the significant fact that you have not been before the court for the last ten years I feel able to suspend the sentence.