May 2019

Dundee dinner party pervert put on sex offenders register after asking to ‘pleasure woman’

A brazen sex offender made lewd comments to a woman while his wife was in another room.

Andrew Sherratt hoped he could start an affair with the woman by showing her a series of messages on his phone.

The 33-year-old could face jail after being found guilty of showing the woman a sexual message last year.

His victim wept heavily when she gave evidence against Sherratt at Dundee Sheriff Court.

In 2012, Sherratt was convicted of trying to induce a 15-year-old child to send him nude pictures.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard the woman was invited to Sherratt’s house for a takeaway but things took a sinister turn once Sherratt’s wife had left the living room.

When giving evidence, she said: “He came up and stood over me, beside me in the living room.

“He showed me his phone with a message on the notes that said ‘can I ask you a personal question?’

“It said that he wanted to pleasure me and if we could do that.

“He said it could be a secret between me and him.”

She added: “I just kind of sat there in shock. I was upset and annoyed because I was meant to be pals with his wife but I knew straight away that relationship would be over.

“I stayed for a little while but I left pretty quick. I was having panic attacks.”

Sheriff James MacDonald found Sherratt, of Balmerino Place, guilty of intentionally showing the woman a written sexual message for the purposes of sexual gratification or causing her alarm between March 1-31 last year.

Before deferring sentence until next month, he said: “Whilst the offence before me may fall to a lesser level, I warn you that I may find this case worthy of a custodial sentence.”

Sherratt was placed on the sex offenders register meantime.

April 2012

Sent sexual messages to vulnerable schoolgirl

A married sex offender who tried to get a deaf 15- year-old girl to send him sex pictures over the internet told his wife “it was a conversation with a young girl that went too far” when he was arrested by police, a court heard yesterday.

Andrew Sherratt is facing jail after a court was told he targeted the girl – a family friend – after she told him she was sitting alone in her living room.

Sherratt told the girl he wanted to swap naked pictures with her before discussing sex acts with her and urging her to access porn websites.

Fiscal depute Emma Stewart told Dundee Sheriff Court: “The girl is 15 and lives with her parents. She is deaf but can lip read.

“The accused and his wife are friends of the young lady’s family and as such she uses MSN Messenger to have conversations with the accused.

“At about 6pm on January 26 she was sitting alone in the living room using her laptop. Her parents were elsewhere in the house.

“She realised the accused was online and started a conversation with him during which he said ‘are you alone’.

“She asked why and he said ‘have you ever taken nude pictures’.

“She asked what that meant and he said ‘naked’. She said she had not and he said he was just curious.

“The girl asked him to confirm if it was Andrew and he said maybe.

“She asked why he was asking for naked pictures and he said ‘I just thought you would like to swap naked pictures’.”

Miss Stewart told the court that Sherratt then started making comments to the 15-year-old about sex acts.

She added: “He again asked to swap pictures and said ‘It will be our little secret’.

“He asked how old she was and she said ‘you know how old I am’.

“The girl was shocked and upset and told her parents who contacted police.”

He continued: “Police asked his wife to attend at their home and when they arrived she asked what it was about.

“The accused replied: ‘a conversation I had with a young female – it got a bit out of hand, it went too far.”

Sherratt (26), of Aboyne Avenue, Dundee, pleaded guilty to intentionally sending indecent messages to the 15-yearold girl.

Sheriff Derek Pyle deferred sentence until next month and said: “I’m going to call for a report to look into your background.

“You have a previous offence in relation to a sexual matter.

“Standing the nature of the charge you will be placed on the sex offenders register meantime.”