November 2017

Man, 78, jailed for abusing girl and woman

A pensioner who flouted a court order to continue his sex crimes against women and girls in York has been jailed.

Arthur Peter Hepple, 78, sexually assaulted a woman and a child this year despite being banned from being with any girl under 16, and on the sex offenders’ register, York Crown Court heard.

In 2014, he was given a 13-month prison sentence for sexually abusing a different woman and girl.

The sentence was suspended for two years on condition he didn’t commit any more crimes and went on a sex offender treatment programme.

Both sets of offences were committed in York.

Jailing him for 27 months, Judge Paul Worsley QC told Hepple: “I hope (the sentence) is one which will be sufficiently unpleasant to you that you will curb your desire to touch up, in particular, young girls.”

As Hepple was taken down to the court cells, the judge said: “If he does it again, he is going inside for a very long time.”

Hepple, of Avon Drive, Huntington, pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a woman, sexually assaulting a girl under 16 and breaching a sexual harm prevention order made in 2014 by being with a girl under 16 years old.

In addition to the 27-month prison sentence, he was made subject to a second sexual harm prevention order continuing the ban on being with girls under 16 for 10 years.

The previous order had been for five years. He will remain on the sex offenders’ register.

For Hepple, Graham Parkin said there was little he could say for him.

Hepple had been remanded in custody since his arrest in August and had found his time inside “extremely shocking”.

He had several health problems including heart difficulties that required treatment every three or four weeks.

Stephen Littlewood, prosecuting, said Hepple had befriended the latest victims and gave them little gifts before committing the abuse.

The second set of offences were committed after the period for which the 2014 sentence had been suspended.

October 2017

Man, 78, admits sex assaults against woman and girl

A YORK pensioner has admitted sexually assaulting a woman and girl – the second time he has been before a court for such crimes.

Three years ago, a crown court judge tried to stop Arthur Peter Hepple’s crimes against children by making him subject to a sexual offences prevention order.

But the 78-year-old paedophile flouted the order and abused a girl and a woman in York earlier this summer.

Probation officers will prepare a report on the danger Hepple poses to women and girls before he is sentenced on October 27.

The Honorary Recorder of York, Judge Paul Batty QC, told Hepple at York Crown Court: “You must understand custody is highly likely, given your background and your previous convictions.”

He remanded Hepple in custody – where he has been held since he was arrested – while he awaits sentence for his latest crimes.

Hepple, of Avon Drive, Huntington, pleaded guilty to two sexual assaults, one against the woman and one against the girl.

In 2014, before the same court, he pleaded guilty to two similar offences committed against a different woman and a different girl in another part of York.

At his latest court appearance, Hepple also pleaded guilty to breaching a sexual offences prevention order by having unsupervised contact with a girl under 16.

His defence team will ask doctors for medical reports on him. Last month, York Magistrates’ Court heard he had several health problems that require regular treatment.

In April 2014, Recorder Simon Myerson QC spared Hepple an immediate jail term when he gave him a 13-month prison sentence suspended for two years on conditions including taking a sex offender treatment programme for his earlier crimes.