October 2017

Pervert jailed for sexually abusing child

An 80-year-old who has never been in trouble before appeared in court for the first time – to be jailed for eight years.

Francis Garrett denied five charges of sexually assaulting a child, but was convicted by a jury at Canterbury Crown Court.

His victim had remained silent, fearing she wouldn’t be believed. He claimed she had been telling lies.

As he was being led away to jail, Judge Rupert Lowe told him: “One good thing you can do now is to admit who has been telling the truth.”

Garrett, of Brockman Crescent, Dymchurch, had turned to pornography after sexual relations with his wife had stopped.

The jury heard he abused a child and told her not to report the incidents – which she didn’t for many years, fearing she wouldn’t be believed.

The judge told him: “You know your acts were wicked, and like children do, she didn’t say anything.

“But this was serious sexual abuse of a child, which was fuelled by your interest in pornography.”

Garrett stumbled as sentence was passed before being helped away by security staff.

He was ordered to remain on the sex offenders’ register for life.