October 2017

Pervert forced to move away from West Lothian primary 

A CONVICTED paedophile who was forced to leave his home near a primary school after outraged complaints by his victim’s mum has been rehomed near a high school.

Beast Peter Burns moved into the first house near Harrysmuir Primary School in Livingston, West Lothian, in August after he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a primary school pupil when she was less than seven years old, a court heard.

But when he appeared for sentence at Livingston Sheriff Court today, his lawyer gave a new bail address in Gowanbank – which backs onto Inveralmond Community High School in Ladywell.

Pervert Burns, 51, originally from Armadale, was charged with the historic abuse of the youngster within days of being sentenced for possessing of indecent images showing young children being sexually abused.

He earlier pleaded guilty to using lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and behaviour towards the child in January 1991 when she was aged between five and seven.

He admitted inducing her to lie on a couch next to him, covering her with a duvet and sexually abusing her to her injury.

His not guilty plea to committing a similar offence against the same girl when she was between nine and ten-years-old was accepted by the Crown.

Burns’ name was added to the sex offenders’ register for a second time when he was convicted of the new offence.

Prosecutor Jim Robertson told the court that Burns was still subject to a two-year community payback order imposed for the 2015 indecent images charges which post-dated his sexual abuse of the youngster.

He said Burns’ victim had kept his sordid sexual attacks a secret until relatively recently when she divulged to her mother that he had abused her as a child.

He said: “It was on 9 August 2016 that police were first informed. She made a complaint about being with the accused when he acted in the manner described.”

Mr Robertson said police detained and interviewed Burns, who made admissions to exactly the charge to which he had pled guilty.

He added: “He gave no reasons to the police for his actions at that time.”

Kevin Dugan, defending, suggested obtaining a medical report certifying that Burns was fit to carry out unpaid work so that the court had a full range of sentencing options available.

He added: “A psychological report might also be helpful. There are clearly major issues for him.”

Deferring sentence until 26 October Sheriff Martin Edington warned Burns that if he didn’t co-operate, the court would sentence him without unpaid work as an option.

Outside court, the outraged mother of his victim, who can’t be named for legal reasons, said she’d phoned housing chiefs to have him evicted from the property near the primary school.

She said: “There was a family with two young children living next door to this paedophile unaware of his past.

“Now he’s been moved but to a new address very close to a secondary school.

“There’s something far wrong with the system if that’s regarded as acceptable.”