October 2017

Man jailed for eight years after raping teenage girl

A MAN who raped a teenage girl in her own bedroom after a chance meeting in a town centre has been jailed for eight years.

David Ruston, 37, of Scarborough Road, Rillington, injured the teenage victim and caused her so much distress, she fled shoeless into the night, Recorder Caroline Wigin told Leeds Crown Court.

The rape had affected her so much, she cannot work and lives in “considerable misery”, the judge said.

“This was a victim who was particularly vulnerable.”

Ruston pleaded guilty to rape shortly after his trial began.

In addition to the eight-year jail term, he was put on the sex offenders’ register and banned from ever contacting the victim again under a sexual harm prevention order, both for life.

The judge said the teenage girl had drunk so much during a night out, she had been refused service at one bar, was barely able to walk and was slurring her words.

She made the “sensible decision” to go home, the judge said.

As she made her way home, she was seen by Ruston, and he struck up a conversation.

“One can see from the CCTV you are supporting her as she effectively falls against you,” the judge said.

Ruston accompanied her to her house.

At one point he touched her knee and she thought he was reassuring her.

At her home, her mother thought he was just assisting the daughter as he came inside with her.

But then he went into her bedroom with the teenager and there raped her. She had never had sex before.

“She cried out and her mother came rushing upstairs,” the judge told Ruston. “When you saw her mother, you leapt up.

“Her mother said to you ‘What are you doing? She was slathered.’

“You replied you were drunk too.”

As the daughter fled into the night, the mother rang her sister, who lived nearby, saying “something terrible had happened” to the victim.

“She was effectively rescued by her sister,” the judge said about the victim.

Ruston denied he had raped the victim until after the jury had seen a video of the woman describing her ordeal to a police officer.

While the woman waited to undergo cross-examination, Ruston changed his plea to guilty.

The judge reduced his sentence slightly because he had spared her the ordeal of going into the witness box.

The judge described him as a “habitual low-level offender” before the rape.