October 2017

Pervert jailed after he ‘chose to act on perverted, sexual instinct’ and abused young girl

A Bridgwater paedophile was jailed for six years today after being found guilty of the sexual abuse of a young girl.

63-year-old Fergus Godfrey of Warwick Avenue, had been found guilty of sexually abusing the girl following a trial earlier this month.

At Taunton Crown Court today, Godfrey was told that by putting his victim through the ordeal of a court trial and having to give evidence against him, he had caused her untold damage.

Judge David Ticehurst said Godfrey had ‘betrayed’ his victim.

“You sexually abused her,” he said. “I understand that your incarceration will cause considerable difficulties for your wife, but any harm that befalls her is entirely your fault.

“Because you chose to act on whatever perverted, sexual instinct that convinced you to sexually abuse that girl, and by insisting on your innocence, you put her through the ordeal of a court trial and making her give evidence against you.

In a statement, the victim said she was now afraid of Godfrey and had started to self-harm as a way of dealing with the trauma of her ordeal.

The judge handed down a combined sentence of six years, with one year extended licence and told him: “The harm you have done is incalculable. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. You will bear this conviction until you die.”

As Godfrey was sent down, there were a number of outbursts from the public gallery, with one woman warned that she could be held in contempt of court if she could not control herself.