January 2018

Burnley sex offender breached order just days after being released from prison

A convicted sex offender who breached a sexual harm prevention order two days after he was released from prison has been sent back to jail.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Jamie Thomas Gorton, 27, had been given a community order in 2015 after being convicted of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. That was in relation to grooming a 15-year-old girl.

As part of that sentence he was given a sexual harm prevention order which had various conditions, including not to delete his internet history.

The court was told that Gorton, of Browsholme Avenue, Burnley, has breached the order several times and has been jailed for a combined total of around 51 weeks as a result.

Prosecuting, Mark Kellet said Gorton said it was within days of being released from a 12-week prison sentence for breaching the order – by not telling police he had moved back in with his mum – that he committed his latest offence.

Mr Kellet said: “The circumstances are straight forward. The defendant had recently been released from a 12-week sentence imposed in September. He was released on the Thursday.

“An officer went to see him on Saturday, November 4, in relation to the requirements of his sexual harm prevention order. He asked him to provide his Vodafone mobile phone, which he did.

“When the officer looked at the internet history it was clear the search data for November 3 had been deleted.

“He was asked about that by the officer. He admitted to the officer straight away that he had deleted the internet history.”

Gorton pleaded guilty to breaching the terms of a sexual harm prevention order.

Judge Beverley Lunt jailed Gorton for 20 months and warned him that if he breached the order again he would be serving a much longer spell in custody.

Judge Lunt said: “You have consistently breached the notification requirement and the terms of the sexual harm prevention order.

What you actually haven’t done is commit any further offences against any people. There are no further victims.”

September 2017

Sex offender jailed for 12 weeks for not telling police he had moved back in with his mum

A CONVICTED sex offender who failed to register a new address has been jailed for 12 weeks.

Blackburn magistrates heard Jamie Thomas Gorton had several previous breaches of the sex offender register requirements since he was sentenced in 2015 for sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl.

Gorton, 27, of Browsholme Avenue, Burnley, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with requirements. He was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison and ordered to pay £115 victim surcharge on release.

The court heard Gorton had been required to leave his previous address when his partner found out about his previous conviction. He had moved back in with his mum, which was an address he had registered in the past but failed to tell the police where he was living.