October 2017

Paedophile who raped and abused children as young as six jailed for 13 years

Justice has caught up with a depraved sex beast who raped three schoolgirls during a reign of terror that lasted more than a decade.

William Wingate, 58, carried out an appalling catalogue of abuse against kids in Johnstone, Paisley, Greenock and Glasgow.

This week he was jailed for 13 years at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Sentencing the twisted pervert, judge Lord Beckett told him: “It is plain that such offending has terrible, long-term consequences for your victims.

“I do consider it necessary to impose a substantial sentence of imprisonment in order to punish you and to seek to deter you and others from abusing children.”

The judge pointed out that Wingate had an extensive record of convictions, including significant crimes of violence.

Wingate had denied a string of charges of sexual abuse committed against girls between 1986 and 1997 but was earlier found guilty of 10 charges.

He carried out the abuse at houses in Johnstone, Paisley and Glasgow, as well as in cars and at a wooded area known locally as ‘The Privies.’

Wingate made indecent advances to his first victim at an address in Paisley when she was nine before going on to molest a second girl, aged just six.

He forced the younger girl to perform sex acts on him in a car and then raped her when she was eight.

Wingate abused and exposed himself to a third girl in Paisley during four years of offending against the child from 1989, when she was aged eight. She was also subjected to rapes.

He targeted another eight-year-old from 1990 and carried out sex acts on her and got her to perform sex acts on him at addresses in Paisley and Johnstone and in a car in Paisley, Johnstone and Greenock.

The sex beast also raped the girl after she turned 12.

His final victim was subjected to abuse by him from the age of eight in Johnstone and Glasgow, as well as in a car on roads in Johnstone, Paisley and Glasgow.

Wingate, formerly of Lockerbie, had branded his victims “liars” and claimed they were making it all up for money.

Lord Beckett told Wingate he would remain on the Sex Offenders’ Register indefinitely