November 2017

Convicted Barnoldswick sex offender concealed phone and laptops

POLICE who went to check on a convicted sex offender were initially told he had no internet enabled devices other than the X-Box they could see.

Blackburn magistrate heard Michael Brown then handed over a mobile phone after officers saw the packaging and volunteered a laptop computer when he was pressed further.

And the court was told the officers went on the find three more laptops in the defendant’s home.

Brown, 61, of Park Road, Barnoldswick, pleaded guilty to breaching a sexual offences prevention order (Sopo). He was sent on bail to Burnley Crown Court to be sentenced on Dec 18.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said a condition of the Sopo was that Brown should present any internet-enabled devices to the police for inspection. Whe police made a routing compliance visit they asked Brown if he had any devices other than the X-Box and he said no.

“They discovered the mobile phone box at which point he volunteered a Samsung phone,” said Mr Robinson. “They asked if there were any further devices and this time he volunteered a laptop. He was asked again and said no but the officers went on to discover three more laptops.”

Keith Rennison, defending, said Brown had simply forgotten he had the laptops.

“He believes a number of them had been returned to him by the police having been interrogated previously,” said Mr Rennison.