July 2016

‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’ Tummy doc struck off after internet sex chat with girl, 13

A HIGH-FLYING stomach doctor has been banned from practising after his sordid online sex messages with a schoolgirl were exposed.

Dr Khaled Zachariah, 41, posted a string of messages on the World’s Biggest Chat and MSN, referring to “slow love-making all weekend”.

Using social media usernames “TummyDoctor” and “Medic69”, Zachariah trawled internet chatrooms for sex with an under-age schoolgirl.

One of his creepy posts read: “It is a turn on to teach you everything. Trust me, I’m a doctor.”

Another referred to jailed teacher Jeremy Forrest, who eloped to France with a 15-year-old girl, and said: “I am three times your age lol.

“Society makes it illegal but nature takes its course.

“I won’t joke about this to anyone. I could go to jail.

“You seen what that teacher done with the 15 yr old and took her to France. And where is he now.”

Other posts read: “You are single cute and inexperienced.

“I would love to get you on the right path, the one that leads to my bed. Your first time is better with an expert.”

Cops traced the dad-of-two after officers posed online as a 13-year-old girl to snare him as he tried to fix up an illicit rendezvous at a luxury hotel, a medical tribunal was told.

Zachariah was later arrested, but no action was taken against him and police reports were instead passed onto his bosses at Gloucester Royal Hospital where he worked as a registrar specialising in Gastroenterology.

At the tribunal, Zachariah admitted the online chats but denied misconduct, claiming it was all a fantasy and knew he was not talking to a young girl.

But those claims were thrown out by a tribunal panel.

They convicted him of misconduct and struck him off as a doctor.

Medical Practioners Tribunal Service panel chair Peter Scofield said Zachariah abused his position of trust as a doctor.

He said: “Sexual misconduct seriously undermines public trust in the profession.

“You abused your position as a doctor and you put your own interests before that of a person you believed to be a child.”

Lawyer for the General Medical Council, Miss Rachel Smith said: “The conversation began with the doctor saying ‘hey sweetie’ asking whether she was from Bolton as he had been on a night out there and there had been ‘hot girls’.

“He asked her to confirm she was 13 and told her he was 35 and a doctor. He said ‘I never played with a 13 year old’ when asked what that meant, he replied ‘f**ked’.”

“In a statement, Zachariah claimed he was ‘engaging in online sexual fantasies’.

“He did acknowledge there was a time when he thought she might be a 13-year-old girl.

“But he said the conversations were all part of a fantasy and he didn’t ever intend to meet her to have sex with her.”