December 2017

Notorious sex offender who flashed schoolboys while wearing Dundee United top facing life restriction after subjecting cell mate to sex attack

A NOTORIOUS footie shirt-wearing flasher who sexually abused his prison cell-mate is facing a life restriction order.

Judges say serial sex offender Jack McKay – who was jailed for exposing himself to schoolboys while wearing only a Dundee United shirt – poses a serious danger to the public.

McKay – who has been committing sexual offences for more than 40 years – pinned his cell-mate to a bed and sexually abused him, a court heard earlier this week.

Sheriff William Wood said he was satisfied that McKay posed such a danger that a lifelong restriction order should be considered.

Prison chiefs and the Scottish Government came under attack in court after it emerged McKay had been placed in a cell with a “vulnerable” inmate.

Perth Sheriff Court was told this week that McKay was placed in a shared cell with his victim because of a lack of alternative options within the prison.

Sheriff Wood said: “There is a clear recommendation that the court should consider remitting to the High Court for a risk assessment for a lifelong restriction.

“I have to be satisfied the offence itself, or a pattern of behaviour, is such that you would endanger lives or harm the physical or psychological well-being of members of the public.

“You have a long history of committing sexual offences. I am satisfied you may well meet the risk criteria.”

Both the prosecution and the defence said questions had to be asked about the prison’s decision to place the two men in a cell together when McKay was known to be a danger to younger men.

Solicitor Gary Fowlis, defending, said: “I question the wisdom of housing Mr McKay with someone like the prisoner they did house him with, given his history.

“I know there are problems with housing protection prisoners in Perth and I don’t think the powers that be in the Scottish Government are prepared to spend the money to deal with it.

“I am not making any excuses for his behaviour, but I do question the wisdom.

“The prison would be well aware of Mr McKay’s history and I would have thought a single occupancy cell would have been the way forward.”

Fiscal depute John Malpass said McKay’s victim was more than 30 years younger than him and was serving a sentence for crimes of dishonesty and drug offences. He had no history of sexual offending.

Mr Malpass said: “I understand the court may be concerned, given the accused’s history and with him being on a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, that he was placed in a cell with a vulnerable prisoner.

“That has been canvassed with the Scottish Prison Service in relation to the facts which were apparent to them but at the time they had no other accommodation available.”

McKay was jailed for 32 months earlier this year after he repeatedly confronted his paper boy naked from the waist down.

It is understood he was only wearing his football shirt on some occasions.

When he entered Perth Prison in March he was placed in a cell with a 28-year-old man who was unknown to him.

They initially got on but on 7 July McKay sexually assaulted the younger man.

The court was told the victim initially froze but was eventually able to fend McKay off.

Mr Fowlis said: “He has a very serious record. He clearly has a very major problem. He is ashamed of his behaviour. He has been struggling again to control his urges.”

McKay’s first sexual offence was committed in 1976 and he has more than a dozen convictions of a similar nature since. He was made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order in 2012.

A spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service said: “We do not comment on individual prisoners.”

Update: McKay, from Dundee, was jailed for 32 months earlier this year after he repeatedly confronted his paper boy naked from the waist down

March 2017

Man, 60, exposed himself to kids in Dundee

A 60-year-old man exposed his private parts to two children.

Jack McKay, a prisoner at Perth, had sentence deferred at Dundee Sheriff Court.

He admitted two charges of exposing his naked private parts to two children on various occasions between August 2015 and December last year at a residential street in Dundee.

Sentence was deferred to March 28 for narration and reports.

McKay was known have a 40-year history of sexually assaulting younger men.

McKay’s first sexual offence was committed in 1976 and he has more than a dozen convictions of a similar nature since, including two from the High Court. 

He is considered to be a danger to the public and was made the subject of a sexual offences prevention Order in 2012.