November 2017

Sick haul of child abuse images found on takeaway driver’s lost phone after Good Samaritan handed it in

Thousands of child abuse images were discovered on a takeaway driver’s lost phone when a Good Samaritan handed it into police.

An officer found the sick haul of indecent pictures after Piotr Smuga, misplaced his phone near the restaurant where he worked.

And just days after he appeared in court on sex offence charges, the 47-year-old went on to download hundreds more twisted photographs.

He was first arrested in April after going to Swansea police station to recover his phone, which had been found close to his Chinese takeaway.

He had sent a message to the device offering a £100 reward to whoever found it if they returned it to him.

A police worker had accessed the phone in an attempt to find a photo of its owner in order to identify him when he came to collect it – only to discover an indecent images

Prosecuting, Dean Pulling told Swansea Crown Court: “In interview, he admitted being the owner of the phone and being responsible for downloading images, but told police he did not know any of the children in the images, and was not attracted to children.”

Mr Pulling said Smuga had sought the help of a doctor for collecting images, however.

“He said he collected them but was not aroused by them,” added Mr Pulling.

Further examination of the phone revealed 3,370 indecent images of children on them, aged from one to sixteen, with 318 in category A – the most serious level of abuse.

Seventy-five of the images were movies, 47 in category A.

In addition, there were 219 prohibited images, sexual cartoons of children with adults, as well as extreme pornography, including beastiality.

Smuga was bailed after an appearance at Swansea Magistrates’ Court when he admitted the offences and told to comply with sexual offender requirements.

But three days later a police officer made an unannounced visit to his home when further images were discovered on another phone, including abuse of a child aged between three to nine months, and others aged between two and three.

Mr Pulling told the court that Smuga told officers they had been accessed from a Russian portal, and added: “I do not want to look at those photos but I can’t help myself. I am sorry, I need to get help for this.”

Smuga had admitted three committal offences including possessing indecent images of children, making indecent images of children and possession of extreme pornography.

Sentencing, Judge Geraint Walters said: “You were charged with these offences and sent to this crown court and appeared here on September 11 when the judge adjourned sentencing so a probation report could be prepared.

“Within days of that appearance you continued to download indecent images of children while on bail awaiting sentence.

“On this occasion there was an astonishing 203 in category A, 116 in category B and 1,244 in category C.

“You showed astonishing arrogance by committing similar offences on a wholesale basis within days of appearing before a judge at this court.

“You know that many of these images depicted images of very young children being abused.

“It is often overlooked or ignored in cases such as these by people like you that these are real children who are being abused in the gravest possible way, and in many cases the children will be scarred for life by the wicked conduct of the most vile sexual predators in society.

Smuga was jailed for a total of 18 months and told to sign a sexual harm prevention order, which included restricting access to the internet for 10 years, as well as registering as a sex offender for the same period.