January 2021

Drug dealer/paedophile jailed

November 2017

‘Highly manipulative’ former Chatteris carpet fitter sentenced for making indecent images of a child

A 26 year old carpet fitter has been found guilty of making paedophile photographs at the most severe level showing the rape of children

Self employed Eddie Ransome, 26, formerly of Chatteris, was found guilty of making 13 indecent category A photographs of a child in a two year period between January 2014 and January 2016.

The offences took place in Ramsey.

A woman close to the case said: “This man is highly manipulative and been telling people he must be innocent as he hasn’t been reported on in the newspapers.

“I want people to know who he really is and what he is really like.

“A lot of people won’t believe it unless they see it in the media, written about from an official document from the court.

“This is Eddie. This is the real Eddie.”

Ransome, now of Yaxley was sentenced in a hearing at Peterborough Magistrates Court.

He must now register for five years with police at Thorpe Wood and sign the sex offenders register.

The former Ramsey Abbey College student has been fined £695 and been given a community order to be completed by November 12, 2020.

As part of the order he must undertake rehabilitation activity and have treatment for alcohol dependency.

  • He was also given a sexual harm prevention order for five years during which time he is prohibited from:

  • • Using any device capable of accessing the internet unless it can retain and display the history of internet use and he makes the device available on request for inspection by police.

  • • Intentionally deleting any files which record internet or file browsing history.

  • • Using any software which prevents an internet-enabled device from retaining and/or displaying the history of internet use.

  • • Using any false Internet Protocol (IP) address, name, alias or persona whilst using the internet.

  • • Intentionally using an internet browser with “incognito mode”, “private browsing” or any similar such option activated.

  • • Possessing any device capable of storing digital images unless he makes it available on request for inspection by police.

  • • Buying, using or downloading any evidence elimination or encryption software or other file/drive cleaning software.