November 2018

More jail time for Mr Touchy-Feeley

A Thai boxing coach jailed for secretly filming himself having sex with a schoolgirl at his gym has had his prison sentence increased after it emerged he molested two more young victims.

Last year Peter Feeley, 57, who was nicknamed ‘Mr Touchy-Feeley’, was handed a six-year jail sentence for a string of sickening sex crimes against children.

But now he has been handed more jail time after it emerged he had molested two more young girls when they were aged between ten and 13 in the 1990s.

The alarm was first raised in June last year when one adult gym-goer reported he was ‘uncomfortable’ with how Feeley had treated girls at Spartan Muay Thai gym in Middleton where he was a coach, prosecutor Hayley Bennett told Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court.

One of the girls later told police she had known Feeley since she was nine or ten years old and described details of how Feeley would sexually touch her, adding that it became a ‘regular thing’ when she was 11 or 12.

Now an adult, she told officers she ‘panicked’ when she mistakenly thought she had fallen pregnant.

Police also tracked down a second new victim who was molested by Feeley from the late 1990s between the ages of ten and 13.

Also now an adult, the woman told officers Feeley would give her private lessons but that she felt ‘uncomfortable’ when he tried to start a ‘tickling fight’ with her.

If she got anything wrong during training, her punishment was to kiss Feeley, the court heard.

She recalled one occasion when she shouted at Feeley to get off her.

Judge Maurice Greene said: “Both these girls were girls who attended Thai boxing classes, you being the instructor.”

The defendant had ‘targeted’ the girls and was a guilty of a ‘gross breach of trust’, said the judge.

“It was systematic pre-meditated abuse,” said Judge Greene, who added: “It seems to me you targeted these girls first of all by grooming them after involving themselves with your Thai boxing class.”

Feeley, of Spring Gardens in Middleton, pleaded guilty to four counts of indecent assault against the girl who was molested from the late 1990s when she was aged between ten and 13, and, concerning his second new victim, he also admitted four counts of indecency with a child and four counts of indecent assault against her when she was aged 11 or 12 in the mid 1990s.

He showed no emotion as he stood in the dock and was told a further jail sentence of three years and four months would be added to the six-year prison term he received last November.

Last year’s sentencing hearing was told Feeley, said to be a ‘respected’ coach based at the Spartan Muay Thai gym in Middleton, was nicknamed ‘Mr Touchy-Feeley’.

He developed a relationship with one youngster and the pair would refer to each other as ‘husband and wife’, sending each other gifts and sharing explicit photos.

She went missing one night, and could not be contacted, prompting a frantic search by her parents and the police.

She was found the following morning and said she had run away and had been roaming the streets.

She eventually told police they had sex three times in the gym, and once at his house on the night she went missing.

The gym in Spring Gardens, near Middleton town centre, was searched and there was an area in the roof space behind a red curtain with a bed, strewn with empty cans and bottles of alcohol.

A laptop and a number of secret cameras were also found, on which he had filmed his sexual encounters with the girl, without her knowledge.

At one point in one of the films he smiles and puts a thumbs up the camera, something the judge at the time said showed he regarded his actions ‘as one big joke’.

After his arrest it was found Feeley had molested two other schoolgirls.

Aside from his six-year sentence, Feeley was told he would have to sign the sex offenders’ register for life.

November 2017

Irish Thai boxing trainer jailed for six years after using role to abduct and abuse children in Britain

AN Irish Thai Boxing instructor nicknamed ‘Mr Touchy-Feeley’  who used his position to abduct and sexual assault young girls has been jailed for six years.

Peter Feeley, 56, pleaded guilty to child abduction, four counts of sexual activity with a child and three counts of indecent assault at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court today.

Feeley, of Spring Gardens in Middleton, Greater Manchester, was reported to police in May this year after a teenage girl went missing from her home.

Feeley, who owns Spartan Muay Thai Gym in Middleton, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was arrested last May after the girl’s mother reported her missing and traced a number on her mobile phone to Feeley. 

She was found safe and well a short time later and Feeley was arrested in connection with the investigation.

Analysis of his mobile phone found that he had groomed the teen – who he referred to as his “young wife” – and sexually assaulted her on at least four occasions.

He also talked bondage with the girl and even covertly filmed them having intercourse together before giving the camera the thumbs up.

During one of those assaults Feeley wore a t-shirt with ‘Don’t forget to smile’ written on it, which was later seized for evidence.

Detectives then received a further report that the Irishman had sexually abused another child in 2012.

The court heard Feeley molested the second girl in her sleeping bag after he persuaded her to have a sleepover at the gym. He groped another child’s breasts in a separate incident.

Police discovered that he regularly invited young victims to the gym he owned for sleepovers and would often ply them with alcohol before sexually abusing them.