December 2017

Sex education teacher locked up after filming abuse of girl in his classroom

A Flintshire teacher with a sexual interest in young children has been jailed for five years after he took a teenage girl into his classroom after school and indulged in sex acts with her.

Scott Lynch filmed her performing a sex act on him, and it developed into sexual activity in a motel and intercourse at his home and in his car.

Lynch, who admitted that he had fantasies about rape and incest, got her to role play that she was his daughter.

She later told police that the younger she pretended to be, the more aroused he got.

Lynch took indecent photographs and movies of her, downloaded and shared child porn off the internet, and indulged in chats with like-minded people about his fantasies.

He also persuaded another girl over the internet to indulge in sex acts and to send him photographs of herself doing so.

Lynch, 33, of Friar’s Court in Bangor-on-Dee, was a banker who retrained as a teacher.

Mold Crown Court heard today that he was appointed head of personal and social education at the school where he worked, which included sex education and the responsible use of social media.

Lynch, who admitted 19 charges, was also responsible for liaising with a local police officer on behalf of the school.

He admitted that he had fantasies and a sexual interest in children, but denied in a police interview that that was why he had retrained as a teacher.

Judge Rhys Rowlands described it as “depravity plain and simple” and said he had targeted a vulnerable girl for his own sexual gratification.

In addition to the five-year jail sentence, he was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for life.

An indefinite sexual harm prevention order was made and he will be placed on a list barring him from working with children or vulnerable adults.

Prosecuting barrister Anna Pope said: “This defendant has a clear sexual interest in children.

“Over a two-year period he acted out that interest.”

The court heard that Lynch and the girl exchanged numbers and she would visit his classroom after school, where various sexual acts took place which he filmed, but she later realised he had taken advantage of her.

They made contact via Snapchat at his suggestion where messages were erased after 15 seconds.

“He would encourage her to engage in his sexual fantasies and he would ask her to pretend to be his daughter,” said Miss Pope.

Lynch, who the court heard spent nearly all his spare time on the internet, would also ask her to wear provocative clothes and dress younger.

They had a day out in Porthmadog and sex acts occurred in a Travel Lodge in the Oswestry area, the court heard.

Police visited his home after his internet address was linked to indecent images, and about 200 images were found, some of which had been distributed.

Interviewed, he agreed that he and the girl had engaged in seuxal activity in his classroom, and he would film it to watch later.

November 2017

Judge’s chilling warning

A judge has issued a chilling warning after learning a teacher who abused a girl was able to walk out of a police station – and a court – with no conditions banning him from approaching his victim.

Scott James Lynch appeared at Mold Crown Court and was told to expect jail for 17 separate charges.

But Judge Rhys Rowlands said he was worried by the fact that 33-year-old Lynch had been release on bail after his arrest with no limitations on his freedom. He was then sent a letter asking him to go to a hearing at a magistrates court, but again no conditions were applied.

Judge Rowlands said: “It is a fairly extraordinary state of affairs,” the judge said.

“Someone who is identified as possibly posing a risk to children is allowed to walk out of the police station and is then sent a letter asking him to attend the magistrates’ court.”

It didn’t used to happen and it “should not be happening now,” he said.

The judge said that whatever happened at the police station , as soon as a CPS lawyer got hold of the case, bail conditions should immediately be sought.

There had been nothing to prevent him contacting the complainant after his release.

“It is worrying. Something is going to go horribly wrong one of these days if cases are approached this way,” he said.

The court heard Lynch, of Friars Court in Bangor-on-Dee, admitted all 17 charges levelled at him.

They included that he had engaged in sexual activity with a child while in a position of trust as a teacher during 2015 and 2016.

He incited a child to engage in sexual activity in 2017, and admitted making and distributing indecent images, possessing extreme and prohibited images between 2000 and 2007.

Judge Rowlands rebailed him pending sentence with conditions of residence, not to approach prosecution witnesses and not to have contact with children under 16 , other than was inevitable as part of daily life.

The judge reserved the case to himself and told the defendant he would be sentenced on December 13.

It was “a particularly serious case” and custody was quite inevitable, he said.

But he ordered a pre-sentence report to explore his background and the question of risk.