January 2020

Paedophile plans violent Tinder rape when released from jail

A paedophile says he wants to carry out a violent rape using Tinder when he is released from jail in March.

Jay Ferguson, 20, who identifies as a man, is currently being held at women’s prison HMP Styal in Cheshire.

He was locked up for 22 months in 2017, after putting together a ‘rape kit’ and threatening to abduct and rape a child.

Within days of his release last August, he contacted police to tell them he had a child sex abuse video and a knife.

Ferguson – referred to as Jay aka Jodie in court – appeared via video link to be sentenced for the new offences today.

Prosecutors said there were concerns of “an immediate risk” if he was spared jail, which needed to be managed.

Sarah Badrawy, prosecuting, said: “He has written letters to officers at Styal indicating his intention to carry out a violent rape on his release and his intention to use a social network or dating application called Tinder to do so.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard Ferguson was released from Styal on August 16 and moved into a flat in Liverpool Road, Huyton.

Five days later, he rang the police at around 4.50am on August 21, and said he was talking to a man called Leon Jones, who had sent him indecent photos of children.

Officers attended Ferguson’s home at around 11am and a sergeant asked to look at conversations on his phone.

Ms Badrawy said they showed Ferguson encouraged Jones to send him videos and “spoke quite graphically about what he had done to young children in the past”.

Ferguson’s flat was searched and items including his Sony Xperia phone containing an SD card were seized for analysis.

It revealed one Category B – the second most serious category – indecent video of a child, which was just over a minute long.

The clip showed a girl aged between eight and 10, naked save for a mask on a bed, exposing herself and performing a sex act.

Experts also found sexually explicit Kik Messenger conversations between the pair about underage children.

Ferguson repeatedly asked for videos involving sexual penetration and Jones asked Ferguson to send a video explaining what he did when he claimed to have raped a child.

Ferguson sent the video, in which he boasted he “tied up” a victim, before he and Jones sent each other videos of them masturbating.

But he later claimed he was acting as a ‘paedophile hunter’ and only gathering evidence against Jones to report him to the police. 

The pervert was released on bail, but just before 9pm on August 26 walked into Huyton Police Station and said he had a knife.

A grey kitchen knife in a plastic sheath was found in the waistband of his trousers, which he said he had carried from his flat.

Ms Badrawy said: “He said he was in fear of immediate danger having been sexually assaulted a few days previously and carried the knife for protection.”

Ferguson, who denied any wrongdoing, admitted possessing an indecent image of a child and having an article with a blade ahead of a trial next month.

The sex offender has three previous convictions for eight offences, including assault and possessing a knife in public in 2015.

In November 2017 he admitted attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity and five counts of malicious communications.

Ferguson was told to sign on the Sex Offenders Register and to comply with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for 10 years.

Judge Robert Warnock told Ferguson: “You clearly have been and you remain a danger to others, and in particular young children.

“Very shortly after your release for serious sexual offences, I note yet again you were offending.”

The judge said it was “no surprise” Ferguson would be subject to multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA) on his release, which manage violent and sexual offenders, or that he was considered a “high risk”.

Judge Warnock said: “I do not know what the future holds for you – only you can address the problems that you have.”

The judge jailed Ferguson for 14 months, meaning he will likely be released in two months’ time.

November 2017

‘Dangerous’ teenage girl put together a chilling ‘psycho kit’

A ‘dangerous’ teenage girl who put together a chilling ‘psycho kit’ containing a balaclava and gloves told police she would abduct and rape a child.

Jay Ferguson, who identifies as a man, told police she got the idea from a ‘psycho’ on the TV show Law & Order, and showed officers a teddy, explaining that “I hurt the Teddy so I don’t hurt kids.”

The 18-year-old, of Lathom Court in Huyton, had been arrested after a series of increasingly sinister and disturbing rape threats to teenagers, children and one 15-year-old victim’s mum.

Ferguson smirked in the dock as she was sent to a Young Offenders’ Institution for 22 months at Liverpool Crown Court today, after admitting five counts of sending malicious communications and one of attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity.

Chris Hopkins, prosecuting told the court: “The defendant said she was aware that sexual activity with children was wrong, but that she just wanted to do it, couldn’t help herself, and had every intention of carrying out her fantasies at the earliest opportunity, as soon as she was left to live on her own, she would abduct and rape a child.”

Ferguson’s bizarre offending began in April and first involved a teenage girl who made the mistake of befriending her.

He said: “(The victim) was aware that Jay is really a girl called Jodie but she wants to change to a boy…

“Everything was fine at the beginning but the defendant started to say she liked her and (the victim) had to tell the defendant that it was only going to be friendship.

“At the end of June 2017, the defendant started to say that she wanted her to be her first sexual partner. She told the defendant, no, and felt like the defendant was starting to control her so she told her not to contact her.”

Mr Hopkins said Ferguson began sending threatening text messages including ‘I am gonna find you and rape you,” and a phone call saying: “I will come and find you and rape you and gag you.”

Mr Hopkins said the girl’s friend became involved who told Ferguson to stay away and accused her of being “sick in the head.”

But Ferguson began sending her texts including rape threats.

The girls reported Ferguson to the police and she was arrested on July 23 at her home address, an assisted living centre.

Mr Hopkins said she told officers she needed to show them something and led them to a bag containing the rape kit.

He told the court: “A member of staff handed to the police some letters which she had been given by the defendant. One was entitled ‘The Truth of Everything About Me’…

“Another claimed that Ferguson was planning to go out to rape someone that day and contained a step by step numbered list of what the defendant would do to the victim.”

Police also found she posted messages on a Facebook chat room claiming she had raped children between five and 12, which resulted in one of the malicious communications charges.

Mr Hopkins told the court Ferguson was interviewed on July 23, when she said she had got the rape kit idea from Law & Order, and told the officers she was “dangerous and would carry out the threats if given the chance.”

Ferguson appeared at the magistrates’ court on October 17 where she admitted the initial offences and was bailed ahead of sentence.

But the next day Ferguson bizarrely reported herself to police claiming she had been asking an 11-year-old girl for sex via the chat function on her Playstation 4 games console, leading to the incitement charge.

By then police had also been contacted by the terrified mum of the 15-year-old girl, who said her daughter had been contacted by Ferguson on Facebook, who told her: “I love hunting and raping people.”

When the girl asked Ferguson to leave her alone the sick teenager contacted her mum, telling her she was grooming her daughter and was going to rape her.

The girl’s mum told police that her “world stopped turning” when she received the messages and that she was terrified for her daughter’s safety.

Ferguson told police she wanted help and felt like she wanted to abuse children as she had been abused by her father.

The court heard Ferguson had one previous conviction for assault and possession of a knife.

Judge Robert Warnock, passing sentence, told Ferguson: “The full facts reveal you are a deeply troubled and troubling immature young person.

“In summary you crave attention and appear to obtain to sexual satisfaction from threatening and confronting parents and children with specific threats of serious sexual offences against them and others.”

Ferguson was also banned from contacting any of her victims by a lifelong restraining order, and must sign the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.