December 2017

Pervert admits child sex abuse in 1950s and 60s

A pensioner’s criminal past caught up with him when he was arrested for sexual offences committed with two young girls 60 years ago.

Roy Brooks was just a teenager when he raped one of his victims and 20 when he indecently assaulted the other girl.

The 76-year-old grandfather, married for 50 years, went on to be “highly-valued and respected member of the community”, said a judge

He was himself was said to be perplexed about why he committed the offences.

Brooks, of Thomas Street, Tunbridge Wells, admitted two charges of rape committed in the 1950s and two of indecent assault a decade later.

His victims only revealed their ordeal last year, Maidstone Crown Court heard. Brooks then admitted the offences.

Judge David Griffith-Jones QC said he had “exploited their innocence”.

Jailing Brooks for four years and four months, he said: “One can only imagine what sort of psychological and emotional damage your behaviour inflicted on them both.

“Neither felt able to reveal to anyone what you had done to them, plainly through fear – fear of not being believed.

“They, therefore, kept quiet and lived with what for them was a dark secret for many decades.”

Their suffering, he said, was probably only partially revealed in their harrowing victim impact statements.

One told of living with shame and guilt, while the other said self-esteem and self-confidence had been shattered.

The judge said Brooks had also devastated his own family and spoke of his “unusual and genuine sentiments of guilt” expressed in his letter to the court.

“But for these offences, the clear picture I have is of a man who has had a blameless life, looking after his family and playing a social role within the community,” said Judge Griffith-Jones.

“You say, and I accept, that you have been humbled by the many testimonials submitted by those who know you well and who have been willing to speak very highly of you as a highly-valued and respected member of the community with many fine qualities.

“But plainly, a prison sentence is demanded – nothing less will do.”

Brooks’ name will appear on the sex offenders’ register.