December 2017

Pensioner from Barrow admits child sex abuse images offences

A pervert has pleaded guilty to sharing, downloading and requesting indecent images of children.

Pensioner Roger Alan Smith had been charged with eight different offences relating to indecent images of children depicting sex abuse.

At Preston Crown Court today, the 66-year-old pleaded guilty to two charges of distributing an indecent image of a child to another person, two counts of publishing obscene articles regarding the sexual abuse of children, one of attempting to possess an indecent image of a child from another person, one offence of making 18 Category A indecent images, one of making seven Category B indecent images and one of making five Category C indecent images.

Indecent images of children are categorised from A to C with A being the most serious.

The offences all happened in Barrow over a two-year period between October 2015 and February 2017.

In 2012, Smith, then living in Portsmouth Street on Walney, pleaded guilty to possessing 17 images depicting extreme pornographic activity involving animals and was ordered to carry out community service.

Smith, who is now living in Inver Road in Blackpool, will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on January 26.