December 2017

Pervert admits having indecent images

A retired paramedic who downloaded vile child sex images has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Pervert pensioner Roger Clegg, 75, was found with hundreds of images – including children being raped – on a computer at his home in Gilchrist Avenue in Herne Bay.

It is the second time the former medic, who claims to be suffering from PTSD because of his work, has been convicted of having illegal sex images.

But his lawyer Ian Bond asked Judge Rupert Lowe not to send Clegg straight to prison as he is currently undergoing treatment for skin cancer.

Clegg pleaded guilty to five downloading offences involving images of the worst kind and more than 500 extreme pornographic images.

Mr Bond told Canterbury Crown Court that Clegg left his job on health grounds in 1999.

The judge suspended a 15 month jail sentence for two years told him he had lied to probation about his addiction but search terms he had used on his computer showed he was searching for images of real children being abused.

Clegg, who was also fined £200, asked to address the judge after sentence but was told he could not.