December 2017

Paedo OAP jailed after stalking underage girl online

A PROLIFIC pervert who has a fetish for orange balloons has been jailed after stalking an underage girl online.

David Hunter, 67, got in touch with the schoolgirl on social media before sending her links to “balloon websites” and messages telling her she was “gorgeous”.

Lincoln Crown Court heard police raided the pensioner’s home and found he had been in contact with the 15-year-old, who he had previously secretly filmed on a bus.

Officers also seized bizarre footage showing Hunter appearing to “simulate sex” with an orange balloon along with hundreds of images showing young girls holding the inflatable rubber bags.

On Wednesday, he was jailed for three-and-a-half years after he admitted breaking a sexual prevention order put in place previously to control his behaviour.

Sentencing, Judge John Pini QC said: “What is clear from your antecedent history is an absolute, wilful, persistent refusal to comply with court orders.

It is right to point out that in terms of direct sexual contact there is nothing.”

The court heard Hunter was jailed for 40 months in 2015 for filming a girl on a bus – but got in contact with her several months after being released from prison.

He sent a Facebook request to the girl in March this year accompanied with a black and white photo of a schoolboy and references to balloon websites.

There was further contact on Instagram and two messages sent by Hunter to the girl at the end of March which said “you’re gorgeous” and “love you to bits.”

Brian Outhwaite, prosecuting, said Hunter had also “developed a fetish for orange balloons.”

The court was told 200 photos of girls either holding or blowing up balloons were found when police searched his home in Gainsborough, Lincs., earlier this year,

Hundreds of similar images were found when police searched two sheds which Hunter had built himself on land sub-let to him on a farm in Aslockton, Notts.

There was also evidence Hunter had been swimming with a nine-year-old girl on the rapids at Butlins and had used the false name of “David Harley” on invoices found at his home.

He admitted four charges of breaching a sexual offences prevention order and one charge of failing to comply with a notification requirement relating to the use of an alias.

The court heard Hunter was first convicted of taking indecent or pseudo photos in 1994 and has been under a series of Sexual Offences Prevention Orders since 2001.


David Hunter was supposed to notify police before leaving Notts, but that did not stop him taking a trip abroad without telling them.

Hunter, from Wasnidge Walk, St Ann’s, pleaded guilty in December last year to breaching his sex offender order on two occasions.

Under the terms of the order imposed by Nottingham Magistrates’ Court in 2002, Hunter had to tell the Dangerous Persons Management Unit of Notts police whenever he wanted to leave the county.

When officers searched his mother’s house, they found a brochure containing details of Hunter’s four-day ferry trip to Norway in August.

They also found a stash of orange balloons and inflatable toys in a garden shed.

Hunter was banned from having balloons or inflatable toys in public as part of a sex offender order made against him in 1999.

Judge John Machin sentenced Hunter to three months imprisonment, but because he has already spent six weeks in custody he will be freed shortly. He was also ordered to pay £300 costs.

October 2002

Paedophile told to stay away

Police are making a rare legal move to clamp down on a paedophile’s movements.

Detectives believe David Hunter, 52, is still a risk to children despite being subject to a sex offenders’ order.

They want extra restrictions adding to the order, saying Hunter has been near areas where children gather.

He has not been accused of committing any further offences but officers want to be able to act quickly if necessary. .

Hunter, of Nottingham, is barred from going within 50 yards of a child.

At a hearing in September, city magistrates were told police wanted to extend this to ban him from going near places where children gather, making it easier for them to prove he has broken the order.

But judgment was postponed until November because of a delay in preparing a report into his mental state.

The psychiatrist involved, Dr Christopher Clark, had been called in to deal with Ian Huntley, who was last week declared fit to stand trial over the deaths of Soham schoolgirls Jessica Hunter and Holly Wells.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Barnfather, head of the Notts dangerous persons’ management unit, said police had to act.

“Clearly we believe these changes are necessary because we have concerns that his behaviour is leading him to visit areas where children may be gathering.

“He poses a high risk of re-offending. The fact he has a sex offenders’ order in place shows our concerns about him and we would have wanted to change his order as speedily as possible.”

In 1999 Hunter was the first person in Notts to become subject to such an order.

He has convictions for taking indecent pictures of children in 1994.

In 1996 he was given three months’ probation for child abduction, and three years for another abduction in 1997.
Police said he lured children with balloons.

His sex offenders’ order included a ban on possessing balloons, cameras or videos in public.

In May last year, Hunter was convicted of four breaches of his order at Lincoln Crown Court.

He could have faced five years’ imprisonment for each one, but received a two-year community rehabilitation order instead.

Hunter does not have to tell police where and when he is travelling out of Notts.

The proposed changes will make it easier to track his movements.

But Hunter, who was unavailable for comment, is making a counter-application to loosen the restrictions. He says they impede his work delivering cars around the country.