December 2017

Man jailed after downloading explicit images of children

A man who downloaded explicit images of children has been jailed for eight months.

Jason Graham, 47, of Monkwood Close, Collingham, had 253 indecent images on his laptop and tablet computer.

Prosecutor Mr Mark Knowles told Nottingham Crown Court on Friday that officers from the Sexual Exploitation Investigation Unit visited Graham’s home in November, 2016.

Police analysed his electronic devices, including a laptop and tablet, and found 176 indecent images on the laptop and 77 on the tablet, Mr Knowles said.

Of those, 21 were the most explicit category A images.

Mr Knowles described one video, which showed a girl aged around five or six, as particularly distressing.

Graham admitted to police during an interview that he would visit an online chat forum to discuss sexual fantasies involving children.

He would access the site so he could view and download indecent images.

Mr Jonathan Hullis, defending, said Graham had taken steps to stop his behaviour by joining an online course with a child protection charity that worked with sex offenders.

“He is determined to do whatever he can to understand how he came to commit these offences and certainly to ensure that he never goes down that path again,” said Mr Hullis.

Graham, who was of previous good character, would lose his job as a vending machine engineer by going to jail, said Mr Hullis.

At an earlier hearing at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, Graham admitted having 253 indecent images of children and three charges of making indecent photographs of children.

At crown court, Graham was handed an eight-month prison sentence, half of which will be served on licence, for downloading 253 indecent images of children.

He was given three concurrent sentences for specimen charges, which are used to simplify the process when a defendant faces more charges than can be practically dealt with by the courts.

The concurrent sentences were eight months for viewing a category A image; three months for viewing a category B image; and two months for viewing a category C image.

An application by Mr Hullis for a pre-sentence report was declined because Graham’s offending was so serious.

The judge, Recorder Paul Mann, QC, said one of the videos Graham downloaded showed a girl aged five or six being assaulted by a man, while another showed a man performing a sexual act on a girl aged two or three.

Mr Mann said the age of the children, and the fact Graham was clearly searching the internet for the images, were aggravating factors.

“These were very young and vulnerable children who have been sexually abused and even raped,” he said.

“How you could derive such pleasure from viewing such material is beyond me, but it is clear from the evidence you have given that you liked to visit these chat sites where you could share such fantasies and download such material.”

Graham will be on the sexual offenders’ register for ten years, which will bar him from working with children.