Pervert exposed himself to children online

A man preyed on children by coaxing them to communicate with him via an internet teen chat room

Philip Olbison, 23, made lewd suggestions to the youngsters via email, while sitting at his computer at his home in Stretford

He then went a stage further and committed sexual acts in front of webcam, making the victims could watch on their screens

Police were able to trace Olbison to his parents home, where they found proof of his activities.

Olbison pleaded guilty to 13 offences at Manchester Crown Court, including seven offences of carrying out sexual acts in the presence of a child, two attempts of doing so, three offences of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and an offence of making an indecent images of a child

Judge Mort imposed a three year community order and Olbison was told that he must register as a sex offender