December 2017

‘My childhood was destroyed’: A victim’s words as a man is sentenced to 18 years jail for abuse of boys

A man who admitted a string of sex offences against boys is starting an 18-year jail sentence.

Nigel David Thomas, of Alexandra Street, Aberavon , was told he had caused “long-term devastation” not only to his victims, but also their families, when he appeared at Swansea Crown Court for sentencing.

Prosecuting, Helen Randall told the court Thomas had targeted one victim, for whom the majority of his 25 charges related, and then abused another boy, for which he faced four charges.

The abuse had involved touching his victims, and getting them to touch him.

The court was told that following his arrest, four indecent images of children, in category C of seriousness, were found on his home computer.

The court was also read victim impact statements from his victims.

One said: “I cried myself to sleep so many times, and struggled with my sexual identity.

“Feelings of self-hate consumed me.

“I suffer from anxiety and depression. Looking back I feel my childhood was destroyed.

“I was unable to live a normal life and was consumed by fear.”

Thomas, aged 63, had pleaded guilty to 14 offences of indecent assault with a male, nine offences of indecency with children, and one assault with intention to commit buggery.

Sentencing, Judge Paul Thomas told Thomas: “So that you could fully indulge your sexual taste for young boys, you caused long-lasting devastation.

“All you cared about was your sexual urges and in order to gain sexual gratification you exploited and groomed two young boys.

“The attempted buggery as it was then called, has a more realistic name in law today, it is called attempted rape.

“The impact on their lives has been profound.

“It is impossible not to be moved by the way it has affected their existence.

“You pleaded guilty at a relatively early stage, and I hope that has been some belated comfort on your victims, knowing they would not have to relive it again in a court of law in front of strangers.”

Thomas was told he would also have to sign the sex-offenders register for the rest of his life.