January 2018

St Albans paedophile jailed for masturbating while following school girls to train station

A troubled pervert will spend 15 months behind bars for masturbating while following a group of 14-year-old schoolgirls from a McDonald’s in St Albans.

Malcolm Lovett, 56, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to sexual assault and outraging public decency on June 20 last year – just one day after receiving a suspended sentence for a separate criminal damage offence.

He was also already on the Sex Offenders Register having committed a sex offence in 2014.

Prosecuting at St Albans Crown Court yesterday (January 4), Janice Brennan told the court Lovett approached a girl, 14, outside McDonald’s to ask where the bin is.

After responding, the girl was disturbed to see Lovett sat on a bollard next to her but was “too polite to move”.

Lovett asked her what school she went to before stroking her arm and, after overhearing her name, he called after her while she walked to a train station with friends.

He followed the girls, who saw Lovett was topless and had his hands in his trousers, clearly masturbating.

He pursued them to the train platform, where a commuter heard him tell a 12-year-old boy he should “shag those girls” and told him to leave.

When he then found out Lovett had touched one girl’s arm, he forcibly removed him from the platform and kicked him in the bottom.

As children began to record this confrontation on their mobiles, a 12-year-old boy “sensibly and responsibly” called the police and waited for officers to arrive and apprehend Lovett.

When officers searched him, they found that he was wearing women’s lingerie.

Lovett initially denied the allegations in police interview, claiming the young girl had in fact asked him out on a date.

He was already on the Sex Offenders Register at the time of this incident.

While Lovett’s previous convictions are numerous – 38 from 74 offences

Summing up, the judge said: “On June 20 you approached a young girl and without any lawful reason you started to rub her arm.

“Common sense dictates that would cause a child anxiety and distress. You then masturbated within your own clothes in view of other younger children.

“You were bare-chested, you called out the name of the victim.”

He added: “Can I give you a suspended sentence? Certainly not, as this happened one day after your last suspended sentence.”

The judge added there was a significant disparity in age and that Lovett was on licence at the time and “as high as you can be” from a cocktail of substances.

Giving some credit for his guilty pleas, the judge sentenced Lovett to 12 months for outraging public decency and three months for touching the girl’s arm with sexual intent.

He was given a further 28 days for breaching his licence.

With all terms running consecutively, Lovett will spend 15 months and 28 days in prison.

He will remain on the Sex Offenders Register for a further ten years.