January 2018

Paedo company boss is third generation of his family to be convicted of child sex offences

A SHAMED company boss has become the third generation of his family to be convicted of child sex offences.

Twisted Jeremy Wright, 68, of Andover Green in Bovington dodged jail despite downloading over a thousand indecent images of children – including 69 in the most serious category.

A further 98 were category B, while the remaining were 912 category C.

It comes after his son William was caged for two years for filming sex with a 16-year-old girl, while vile dad Alex served a two year sentence for abusing children.

Wright’s defence barrister said: “The sins of the father are playing out in this defendant.”

Bournemouth Crown Court heard how Wright desperately tossed a USB stick full of child abuse images out of a bedroom window when cops raided his Dorset mansion on October 11, 2016.

 Last year his son was caged for two years after filming sex with a 16-year-old girl

Wright, the director of a sales and marketing company, was also caught with extreme animal pornography and 490 cartoons of children involved in sexual activities.

“This defendant’s father is a convicted paedophile. He (Jeremy Wright) reported to police that his own father had groomed somebody underage.

“There is a stark contrast of that responsible behaviour with this irresponsible behaviour.

“He does not seek to excuse his behaviour now or many years ago, he says what he did was deplorable.

“But for the first time he is seeing the link between growing up in a home with a strict father in the army, disciplined and principled on one hand but quite the opposite on the other in that he was somebody who abused children.

In a letter to the judge Wright said: “I am guilty as charged, nothing can excuse my behaviour. I take full responsibility for my actions, not a day passes when I do not regret my actions more and more.”

Judge Brian Forster handed Wright a three year community order with a requirement to attend 35 days of a sex offenders’ programme.