May 2018

Edinburgh rapist jailed over 45-YEAR campaign of sexual abuse against young girls

A VILE rapist who sexually abused young girls for more than 45 years has been jailed for 12 years.

David Scott, 60, of Edinburgh, began his campaign of abuse aged 12 and carried on until he was 57.

At the High Court in Glasgow, he admitted raping three young girls and sexually abusing another three.

Over the years he created a climate of fear to prevent his victims speaking out.

Scott, an ex-squaddie who was discharged from the army, left one young victim so traumatised she tried to take her own life aged just 10.

Sentencing him judge Lady Stacey said: “The abuse of young girls is abhorrent.

“You moved through generations of girls. You created a culture of fear which allowed your abuse to carry on.

“Many years ago you were reported to the police but no action was taken due to lack of evidence, and you continued with your campaign of abuse.”

The court heard some of Scott’s victims suffered emotional, psychological and physical trauma.

Lady Stacey told Scott that, but for his early plea, she would have jailed him for 14 years and added: “Your guilty pleas at least spared your victims giving evidence.”

The sexual abuse took place from 1970 until 2015 at various addresses in Edinburgh and Turkey.

Sick Scott was finally brought to justice after a brave victim went to the police in 2017.

He admitted 10 charges including rape and lewd and libidinous behaviour.

His first victim was preyed on for 13 years from the age of five.

Scott told her not to tell anyone and bought her silence with cash.

Prosecutor Angela Gray said: “She was raped on a weekly basis for five years in her teenage years.

“She would cry and tell him to stop but he ignored her.”

The girl was also raped at a caravan park in Midlothian.

One victim pretended to be asleep hoping he would go away.

Another girl who was five when the abuse began was told: “Remember our wee secret.”

Scott went on to rape another young girl. She was just seven when he first struck.

During a sex attack, her screams were so loud a neighbour of Scott’s came out to see what was wrong.

Scott once threatened his terrified victim saying: “I’ll kill your mum if you say a word. You know that, don’t you?”

However, the girl told her mother and this sparked a police probe in 1997. Scott was detained, but no charges were brought.

It meant he was able to prey on a fifth girl who was aged four to eight at the time. She was scared and would cry after the abuse.

His final victim suffered at his hands for four years until 2015 . The abuse started when she was eight.

She was raped after joining Scott and his relatives on a holiday to Turkey. The next time she saw Scott he acted as if nothing had happened.

She says she often “wakes in the night” in a “distressed condition” due to what Scott did to her.

April 2018

Beast spent a year living in home for military veterans after lying about his crimes

A paedophile spent a year living in a home for military veterans after lying about his sordid crimes.

David Scott this week admitted a catalogue of sex attacks against six children.

It has now emerged the pervert was put up in Whitefoord House in Edinburgh, who offer accommodation to homeless former service personnel.

Those with convictions or pending charges for sexual offences are banned from 
the centre.

It’s understood former soldier Scott, 60, concealed his sordid past from managers.

Veterans living in the accommodation were furious when they found out Scott was a paedophile.

A former Royal Navy sailor said: “It’s disgusting that he was here among people who have served their country.“

A former RAF serviceman added: “He was here for a year. I talked to him a bit at first but then he started shutting himself in his room and never came out.

“It was probably for the best he hid himself away.

“There are some tough ex-Army guys in here who wouldn’t have taken kindly to finding out what he’s done.

“It’s sick.”

Scott carried out the sex attacks, which included rape, from 1970 to 2015.

The High Court in Glasgow heard one victim was abused on a “weekly basis” from the age of five until she was 18.

Scott was first reported to police in 1997 but the case was dropped due to a lack of 

The father of one of Scott’s victims told the Record: “He has left my family devastated. He has ruined so many lives.”

Scott served a four-year term with the Royal Scots, mainly posted to Germany.

Scott, of Edinburgh, will be sentenced later.