April 2018

Flintshire man’s unusual excuse for looking at indecent images

A MAN came up with an unusual explanation for why he had indecent images of children on his laptop and phone.

David James Dixon, 24, of Bryn Dyffryn, Holywell, claimed to police it was in a bid to get his girlfriend to finish with him.

He said he was unhappy in the relationship, did not know how to end it and said if she found out he had been looking at such images then she would be disgusted and end it.

Judge Huw Rees, sitting at Mold Crown Court, said he was “rather sceptical” about his explanation and warned him that it was a very serious matter which could lead to custody.

But Dixon, who had never been in any trouble before, received a two-year community order so he could be sent on a probation service course aimed at “nipping it in the bud”.

Dixon was said to have “distorted thought processes” and the two-year programme would be “hard work and challenging”, the court was told.

In addition Dixon was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for five years. A five-year sexual harm prevention order was also made.

The judge said Dixon had never been in trouble before and had told how he had some unhappiness in his relationship.

He claimed he had downloaded images as a means to getting her to finish with him but he should realise how serious the offending was, said Judge Rees.

It was creating a demand for the further abuse of children to take place so more images could be provided to satisfy the lustful demand of people like Rees.

Images were shared extensively on the web, they were there “for ever and a day” which added to the original trauma suffered by innocent children.

“They will continue to be victims for many years to come,” Judge Rees said.

It would serve the community and the defendant better for the matters to be “nipped in the bud”.

His distorted thought processes, which showed he had abnormal sexual desires, would be challenged.

The judge warned to it was not a soft option and said if there was any breach or reoffending then he would be sent into custody.

Dixon admitted making seven category A images, the most serious, together with one category B and 2 category C.

He admitted possessing 78 prohibited images and 30 extreme images involving photographs of sexual activity between humans and animals.

Barrister Jonathan Austin, prosecuting, said police arranged to speak to him on January 3 and he was arrested in a supermarket car park and questioned.

He admitted being in control of an email account but denied that he had downloaded anything inappropriate.

Dixon was interviewed again in March when he said he was unhappy in his relationship, was struggling to finish with her, and researched “jail bait” saying he though if images were found on his equipment then she would be disgusted and leave him.