June 2018

Woman found guilty of abusing six children in her Aberdeen home over eight-year period

A woman has been found guilty of a string of child abuse charges.

Former nursery owner Sheila Davies went on trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court this week, charged with assaulting children as young as four at her home between 1993 and 2001.

The 59-year-old was yesterday found guilty of six charges, and will be sentenced later this month.

Last night, one of her victims said she had carried the abuse around with her for 22 years and called for her to be jailed.

Davies previously ran All Stars Nursery on Don Street, but was banned from working with children in 2007 after an inspection revealed youngsters were being force fed out-of-date food.

And yesterday, she was found guilty of attacking six youngsters aged between four and 12 between June 1993 and September 2001 at an address on Stornoway Crescent.

She slapped children the head, force fed them and dragging one out of a bunk bed.

One victim, who went to stay with Davies when she was four, admitted last night she wishes she had spoken out sooner as she could have protected other youngsters.

She said: “I have felt guilty for the last 22 years that I haven’t said anything to the authorities, because if I did say something maybe I could have put a stop to it.

“The police came to me and said that there was a public investigation going on and they were going round a lot of people that were in her care.

“I thought about it for three days and I felt guilty.

“I thought I was the only one, I did not think it was this serious.

“She has got to go to prison for this.”

She added: “The way I gave my statement it was like I was writing down a memory.

“You never forget someone who hits you, my mum never hit me to discipline me.

“She was the first person to ever lay her hands on me.”

Davies, of Stornoway Crescent, Aberdeen, will be sentenced on June 26.

A damning report has revealed how staff at the Scottish nursery left distraught children to cry uncontrollably because they thought the youngsters were ‘too spoilt’.

Inspectors from a care watchdog saw children at All Stars Nursery in Aberdeen sob without any intervention from staff.

In one visit, officials from the Care Inspectorate even ‘observed one child cry them self to sleep at lunch’.

The nursery was also found guilty of putting children at risk by failing to carry out criminal record checks on some of its staff.