October 2018

Community order for Burnley man who had child images on computer

A pervert who pleaded guilty to possessing more than 60 indecent images of young children has avoided jail.

Paul Kaye, 53, of Westgate, Burnley, was handed a two-year community order at Burnley Crown Court.

The court heard that in June 2016, a house in Nelson where Kaye was staying was searched by police.

On a computer were 54 category A (the highest) video images, nine category B images, including eight videos and one still image, and two category C images.

The images involved girls between the ages of two and 15.

Police also found Kaye to be in possession of 38 grossly extreme pornographic images involving humans and animals.

The court heard Kaye had a troubled history, an emotionally unstable personality disorder and may also be on the autistic spectrum.

Defence barrister, Mr Holden, said that in a report from Action for ASD, Kaye had been seen by a psychiatrist, support workers and counsellors, as well as the community mental health team in the 28 months since he was charged.

He said: “Mr Kaye sees a social worker every four weeks who oversee his care and make sure he is medication compliant.

“It would be unnecessary for the protection of the public to imprison him at this time given the impressive package available at the states disposal to rehabilitate him.”

Given the time since his arrest, and the fact Kaye had not re-offended and had remained compliant with mental health services since 2016, Judge Andrew Woolman said he had no choice but to issue a community order.

He said: “I am handing you a community order of two years, with 40 days of rehabilitation requirement. You must co-operate with the probation service or you could end up back in court.”

Kaye received a community order of two years, subject to a sexual harm prevention order and is under obligation to tell the police where he is living for the next five years.

An order was also made to destroy the equipment on which the images had been found.

Judge Woolman said: “I hope that the rehabilitation work under the community order will be successful.”